Is it just me or......


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....does nursing school seem easier than some make it out to be. i am not trying to come off as cocky and i have only completed the fundamentals (1 term) portion of my adn program so i'm certainly no expert, but the information seemed to come relatively easy to me. now i don't have a 4.0 but i did manage to pull a 3.391 this term:yeah:, while some in my class could barely get the required 78% on the exams. maybe i'm being over confident....but early on i figured out a way to study that has caused my grades to jump from low b's to a's. but who knows i could be setting myself up for future failure:eek:!!!!

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Sometimes. But don't forget that every school is different, some make it less difficult and others are pure hell. I would rate my program an 8 in difficulty. A's are rare in our program! (That sucks for me because I plan on going for my Masters) Even the "easy" classes aren't as easy.

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Way easier than I expected. From reading here and talking to a few friends, I was expecting it to be like the Bataan death march, but really it was pretty easy. I go back in a few weeks, so we'll see how next semester turns out.

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Yeah I feel the same. Most of us get it and put in the time effort toward our studies. I think if you read your chapters and study a few hours every day that you should get a B easily. I am also in ADN program and the instructors make themselves available to students when they need them. DON just announced that last years class got 100% pass rate on the NCLEX. I think that says alot about the program

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It was much easier than people said it was going to be. All I kept hearing was "omg ur class is screwed cuz you have such and such teacher now" or "her tests are so impossible you have to read every single page and know it all". Both of those classes I got A's on most of the tests. Some folks just love to whine and make it seem impossible. Some students want to make it sound so impossible if they struggle...if they struggle then they think everyone needs to struggle.


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This is inspirational. A lot of the posts about how difficult and hard nursing school defintely scared me a bit. Not just on this forum but in real life everyone was saying that nursing school is SOOO hard, often I was wondering if they were trying to discourage me.

Were the NCLEX style questions as strange as everyone else made it out to be? I googled some of them and they seem like any other multiple choice questions


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can some of you name the schools you are attending?

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I also keep hearing about how impossible nursing school is.

I do wonder how varied our backgrounds and abilities are, and how do those variables (and others, of course) influence our opinions?


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Nursing school is definitely challenging, but not impossible. I worried and worried and got all worked up and I ended up doing well in the end, and in retrospect nothing was as hard as it seemed. I think I just got nervous because of how hard everyone said it was.


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I found my first semester difficult - I don't have a background in science (economics major as undergrad) or a clinical background. While I did fine grade-wise I had to work very hard and am genuinely mystified as to why anyone would go out of their way to proclaim how easy something is or what grade they received.


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i found my first semester difficult - i don't have a background in science (economics major as undergrad) or a clinical background. while i did fine grade-wise i had to work very hard and am genuinely mystified as to why anyone would go out of their way to proclaim how easy something is or what grade they received.

i worked very hard for my grades as well.... i was just stating that nursing school (at least my program) is not that hard to me but some in my class would state other wise. it's just when you come here or listen to others that are ahead of you in the program they make it out to be this impossible task to complete. my first degree is in biology so that may have something to do with me not having difficulty absorbing the info but i also use the utilize information given to us by our instructors. we are given the course outline weeks in advance with the pages that we are to cover and all of our notes are purchased from the book store and we were told that all of our test are nclex-style (they even tell you what nclex books to purchase and i have found that some of the questions are very similar to the questions found in those books). in addition we are given online quizzes that can be completed as many times until you receive a passing grade (again these questions are very similar to test questions). we are also have an open 3 hour lab that is always staffed so if you don't understand something in labs you can always go to the open lab for extra help. i'm just baffled as to why any one in my program would not use all of these resources to there advantage, but i have noticed that the students that don't do well haven't read the material before class and they often come late to class or not all. so my point is that my program is not that difficult to me and i just wanted to know if anyone was in the same boat :nurse:.

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can some of you name the schools you are attending?

My thoughts exactly!

I just finished Med Surg at a community college and that class was a bear. It wasn't so much the material, but the sheer volume of it and the pace of the program. Theory, Lab, Clinical, papers, projects...add a part time job to that and it was one draining semester. I barely squeaked out an A and maintained a 4.0, but it was anything but easy and as advertised.

I have one semester left before I graduate and I cannot wait to be done with nursing school.

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