Is JUNE a bad month to take NCLEX in CA?

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Just want to ask if JUNE is a bad month to take the NCLEX-PN? I dont know how long will my result would com:wink2:e out after my exam. Since CA BVNPT is not participating on the Quick Result.


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Take the exam when you are ready. There is no good or bad month to take it as far as getting your results. They do not do the results in the order they receive them, so it does not matter. You will still have to wait until they get to your's. Maybe it will be a few days, maybe as many as five weeks. You just have to be patient. Good luck.

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Thanks..cause im taking my exam in another it might take longer for CA to get it..who knows..there so slow in processing result by doing it manually.

Silverdragon102, BSN

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Even if you take your exam in another state the results are sent electronically.

Good luck

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