Is this a Good Stethoscope??


[color=#8b1a1a]i received a [color=#8b1a1a]littmann cardiology iii stethoscope personalized for a christmas gift since i needed a stethoscope for nursing school. i'm starting my 1st semester jan 12th! i know littmann's are nice, but i was wondering if anyone had this one and know if they work well?? i was very surprised by my gift, and i will definitely keep that thing on me at all times ( i heard doctor's, etc like to "steal" those, lol!!).

Yes, that is a high quality scope - It should be one that you can use in school and for your career -... just keep sticky hands away from it !

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very good stethoscope, watch it closely they tend to walk away.


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Yes it's a great stethoscope. I have this one and can hear everything from it. The only downside is it is on the heavy side.

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cardiology IIIs are very good! I would take it to a place that sells them and see if you can get you name engraved in either the tubing or on the bell itself plus get a tag and put your name and school on it. They tend to walk away if you dont keep an eye on them. Ive had 3 litmans disappear in the 5 years ive been an EMT and it can get expensive to replace them. Good luck in school!


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I have this stethoscope and LOVE IT!!!!!!!! I can hear everything and anything I need to. The other posters are correct about it attempting to walk. I have chased a resident and an intern out of the unit to get it back. They "forgot" it was around their neck....I didn't. It is well worth the investment.

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Hi got got one also! i got it from allheart!

paid 144 for the cardiology III

my work mates gave me 100 bucks towards the purchase!

i got my name engraved!

27 inch, navy blue!

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I have one and I love it!! It was also a gift. Some of my friends have problems with different sounds (and diminished sounds) But because of it I don't!!! I make sure I never put it down or let anyone borrow it!!!


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Have cardio III and it works very good. They are expensive to replace ($145-175) so don't put it down.


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Have a cardio III and absolutly love it. Been a medic for 11 years and have used littmanns most of the time, better for ascultation in the back of an ambulance, but will never let the cardio III out of my eyesight. They have LEGS and will walk quickly. I have just finished a paramedic to RN bridge program and currently getting ready to start my nursing career and will be using my cardio there as well as on the ambulance. ;)


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ABSOLUTELY! I love my Littman Cardio III. I received it as a gift.


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I received one as a gift as well. I have also used the Littman Lightweight, and I must say that I feel the cardiology is well worth the extra money. I can hear everything! I would never trade... but like has already been mentioned, I really have to keep an eye on it to prevent it from walking.

My instructor actually borrowed it a couple times to listen in on patients with diminished sounds, even when she had her own!

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