Is it fianally time to retire NETY?


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I remember hearing the term "nurses eat their young" for the first time from the woman who inspired me to go back to school to become a nurse. That was several years ago. She was an RN, I was in another career, and she was my client. It didn't deter me. Why? Because in my previous career I had to start at the bottom and earn respect, which sometimes meant taking orders, swallowing my pride, keeping my mouth shut while listening and learning (a lot), and overall putting in the time and effort to prove myself. The difference, I believe, is I didn't take it personally. My mentors were pushing me so that I would succeed and I did. Now as a nursing student I am being pushed hard to succeed in this field. I am an intern at a large hospital where I am also pushed. I love it. Sometimes I am challenged by surgeons, administration... heck, even patients will try to see what I'm made of. I don't back down. I want to be there and I want to learn...from everyone. I choose to feel privileged to be where I am instead of offended every time someone says "boo" to me. What a waste of energy that would be.


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It's long PAST time.

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I think "nurses eat their young" must have started far away from my location. I had never heard that term until I saw it here. Neither did I ever have the thought to myself "these older nurses really hate the young nurses! I realize that perhaps there is a trend in that direction due to the number of posts we have on that topic.

I hadn't heard of it either until I joined this forum either. I didn't know about the PVT until this forum either, call me ignorant. Lol!

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"NETY" can retire when "every nurse younger and/or less experienced than me is a spoiled, entitled, incompetent snowflake!" does.