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Is Developmental Psychology the same as Human Growth and Development?

I am applying to University of South Florida's nursing program and one of the pre reqs is DEP X004 Human Growth & Development course, 3 semester hours.

When I look that class up I keep getting Developmental Psychology and Developmental Psychology of the Life Span Classes.

I am enrolled in PS276 Developmental Psychology through edukan. This is what the syllabus says:

Developmental Psychology is a study of development of the individual from conception to maturity and oldage. Emphasis is given to behavioral, social, emotional, intellectual and linguistic development.Developmental psychology is concerned with the description and explanation of changes in an individual'sbehavior that are a result of maturation and experience.

Course Outcomes Assessed In This Course:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the major perspectives and theories in humangrowth and development.

Does it seem like this will fill the requirement for human growth and development?

Jolie, BSN

Specializes in Maternal - Child Health. Has 34 years experience.

Only your university can answer that question. Get a copy of the course description and syllabus of the class you intend to take and ask the nursing department at University of South Florida for a written opinion as to whether or not it will meet the program's requirement.

NurseCard, ADN

Specializes in Med/Surge, Psych, LTC, Home Health. Has 13 years experience.

I'm apt to say, they are probably not the same thing. Developmental Psych is

likely a Psychology department class, wheareas Human Growth and Development,

in any universities I've seen, were taught in the Education department.

But, I could certainly be wrong.

mmc51264, ADN, BSN, MSN, RN

Specializes in orthopedic; Informatics, diabetes. Has 8 years experience.

It seems like it could go either way. I was a teacher and I didn't have any education courses about growth and development. Not sure of the prefix but there is definitely a class for education addressing teaching strategies at different ages and how to bridge and there is a psy prefixed course on cognitive and physical milestones.

You really need to contact the school.

Lipoma, BSN, RN

Specializes in CEN | ER | Urgent Care. Has 2 years experience.

Development Psychology (or Psychology Across the Life Span, or Lifespan Psychology) as you can see are all synonymous.

Your Human Growth and Development Psychology's syllabus is identical to my Development (Lifespan) Psychology course.

Regardless of title, if the syllabus includes the key term "from conception until death" it should count.

Growth and development will have an even treatment of physical changes as well as psychological changes.

Like others have said, you have to check with your school for a transfer credit evaluation of the classes you wish to transfer in.

I've seen some schools accept other Psych classes in place of Human Growth and Development but they stated it outright - no guessing. Good luck and I hope it works out for you!


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