IS Cal Sate Long Beach's nursing program hard to get into?


Hi everyone,

I was just wondering how competitve it is to get accepted into CSULB's nursing program, and how was the program overall? Thank you.


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The program is very competitive. I had a friend that had to wait two years to get into the program. If you have an AS in nursing, then it's actually easier. Their BS nursing from an AS of nursing is not a competitive program. The school also states that if you don't get accepted into the program and you are transferring to CSULB, then you will not be accepted into the school. My reccomendation is to get your AS of nursing first, and then transferr to the school. If you're looking for a school in the area that has a nursing program, Golden West College has a AS of nurisng program, but is not as impacted as other schools in the area. Oh, Golden West is located in Orange County. Hope this information helps.


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I can only offer very minimal information, but here is what I know:

I know that CSULB no longer has an Accelerated Second Bachelor program - i believe that if you already have a college degree, you can only apply to the Entry Level Master's program. It IS actually a rather competitive program to get into because while they receive lots of applications each year [1000+, i heard], they only accept about 60 students. The good thing is that everything is based on points, so if you have a strong GPA and prerequisite grades, you have a pretty good chance; with that said, there are lots of qualified applicants who have applied and couldn't get in purely based on the fact that there aren't enough spaces.

I know it sounds rather dismal, but there are several other CSU nursing programs to look into also [LA, DH, etc] so I would definitely look into those also if you're really interested in CA schools!

I hope this helps and be optimistic!! I would definitely call the school and ask for more info, but I'd also maybe just try to really never know what will happen!

Hope this helps!


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Thank you so much. Does the school only based your GPA on natural science courses only or also general courses? I have a 3.9 for my overall GPA.


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They consider both. Here is an link to a pdf packet they had on the CSULB SoN site, it gives a pretty brief [but concise] description of what they're looking for:

and then for more information, I'd click on some of the links they have here:

Your GPA is pretty dang competitive so if you already have the prereqs completed, I'd definitely give it a try!!

good luck!:up:


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Thank you for all your information guys!


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You can also check this website for the admitted range of GPAs for majors:

CSULB's Nursing has a median of 3.62. This is in both the science prerequisites and overall GPA.

GWC is impacted as well - close to 1000 applicants each term. Because they use a lottery some people think it's easier to get it, but with the number of applications increasing each filing period, the admit rate is going way down!


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hey guys, i've was reading this thread and was wondering if you guys can tell me what you think about my grades and if they are competitve or not:

General: 3.34

Science: 4.0

TEAS: 92.3%

MATH: 97.8%



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According to, it is competitive. Pretty much all CSU's are though.

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Daniel - Are you still thinking of applying to Long Beach's elmsn program for fall 2011?


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I actually went to long beach cc's web site and they have a partnership with csulb and if u go to long beach cc and get ur aa in nursing u can go straight to a CSU to do ur bsn.