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Ironing your Scrubs


Okay, I just got a job as a CNA, I am a pre-nursing student waiting for my acceptance to the RN program in San Antonio Baptist, and this is my first time really wearing scrubs in a facility other than my CNA clinicals. As I was ironing my scrubs for my orientation next week, an episode of Grey's came to mind where George was talking about how his mother irons his scrubs. And I realized that I may be acting a bit old-fashioned (36, mother of 3) in ironing my scrubs. Are scrubs not supposed to be ironed? I realize we are not interns or whatever, but my scrubs came out of the wash very rumpled, and I hate looking sloppy!

What do y'all do, given that you have the time and wherewithall, iron or not?



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I always iron mine. I hate looking rumpled. But then again, I am terrible about folding laundry right out of the dryer.....LOL


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If you take them out of the dryer right away and smooth and fold/hang they will be fine. All of the scrubs I have are pretty much permanent press. I use my iron maybe once a year!

None of mine seem to be permanent press, and I have a few different brands. After washing they are very rumpled. I guess permanent press means not 100% cotton. Which brands are permanent press?

I was a medical assistant for years with two people who ironed daily - I don't get it. But, I wash my uniform for school and put it immediately on a hanger, looks great, IMHO. Also, I would not have time to iron during school, heck - sometimes my husband does the laundry 'cause I ain't got time for that either!:yeah:

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I think that if it's rumbled...iron....because in my opinion...if you tkae the time to look professional, you will considered a professional by your supervisor and others...especially your patients. They want to know that the person that is taking care of them is not lazy or incompetent (NOT saying your either of those things...or anyone else for that matter), just saying that impressions are lasting and effective...and I'd rather have people have a good impression of me, than to think I was a sloppy person. Just my thoughts.


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If my pants don't look wrinkled I hang them immediately after drying, but I always iron the neckline and sleeves of my tops. For some reason the necks just don't seem to lay flat....and sleeves always look neater with a crease.

I always just take my scrubs from the dryer to the hanger, and they're never wrinkled or sloppy looking.

I've never ironed anything in my life. :/

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I usually took mine right out of the dryer and hung them. If I missed the dryer stopping, I'd just put it back on for another 5 minutes. Presto, wrinkles gone. :D

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I iron and starch my school uniform. No doubt I will iron and starch scrubs later on - hopefully then I can afford to take them to the cleaners instead of doing it myself. FWIW, the starch also helps keep my solid white uniform clean and bright - I don't have to bleach it.

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You should not need to iron your scrubs if you take them right out of the dryer and hang them up. If I cannot get to my dryer in time, I use Downy Wrinkle-Release, give the scrubs a good shake and hang them right up. The product has a light, fresh scent and works very well. The scent will fade, so it is fine for 'scent-free' facilities.


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i iron my clothes and my scrubs the bachelor way...

take a washcloth, make it slightly damp with water, and toss it in with whatever clothes i need to be wrinkle free. then i turn it to low heat for 15-30 minutes.

presto, they come out wrinkle free. no ironing required, lol..

i do this because i HATE HATE HATE ironing. i used to have to iron BDUs for the army.. im SO glad we switched to iron free ACUs. ugh.

I throw my scrubs in the dryer before get in the shower. When get out of shower pull wrinkle free scrubs out & put them on. Don't have time to iron.

Wow! I never knew about taking them out of the dryer and folding/hanging them immediately to prevent wrinkles. I've always had to iron them to make it look neat, but I hate ironing so I just go with the wrinkled clothes most times. That's good advice to take in. But how do you prevent them from coming out wrinkled? Mine still tends to come out wrinkly after I take it out. Is it because I'm not suppose to put so much in the dryer at the same time?


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^^^^ Yes, you have too much in there.

I starch and iron my clinical uniform & "quickly" iron my scrubs- takes 2-3 min. I don't have extra time in my day for ironing but If I can't find 2min in my day - then somethings wrong!

I agree with everybody who said to 1) just hang them up right out of the dryer, 2) throw them back in the dryer with a damp washcloth if they're slightly wrinkled, or 3) use Downy Wrinkle Release (though I actually use a homemade [read: cheaper] version made from a recipe found online). While it's true that if I can't find an extra 2-3 minutes to iron, there's something "wrong"...I would rather spend that 2-3 minutes helping my kids with their homework, reading a story to them, or hanging out with my neglected husband ;)

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Hell no. They come out of the scrub machine at work on hangers! Sometimes they do look like they were dragged out of a rubbish heap as they are so crumpled, and I can hear my mother's voice in my head saying "you can't go out like that!" (she's an ironing machine!). So I also have the Downy wrinkle releaser - it works pretty well.

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