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To my fellow IR nurses!

I work in a 315 bed hospital with 2 well trained IR doctors. (Only 1 IR doctor scheduled per day.) Our procedures performed at present are paras, thoras, biopsies, abscess drains, joint injections, blood patches, rhizotomies, vascular studies and interventions, and soon to start tumor ablations.

My question is: How many outpatient procedures do other departments of our size and ability schedule per day? At present, our inpatient volume is at low levels, but experience tells me that's partially due to the summer months.

Thoughts appreciated!



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We can have 30-40 cases per day every day BUT we have 2 staff MDs, 3 residents, and four rooms--CT (ours, not main CT), small C-arm, and 2 biplane rooms. My department is at a Level I trauma center/university teaching facility. Unsure of our bed capacity. We also take call nights and weekends. Most days our rear ends are on fire!!


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Our area is unique we separate CT/US procedures and IR procedures. CT/US has 1 MD and 2 residents average between them is about 10-15 procedures with 8-10 outpatient and about 5 inpatients per day. In our IR dept we have 2-3 MDs on any day and we do about 15-20 outpatients and about 5-10 inpatients on any day. Plus we do call nights and weekends. We have a seperate dept for cath lab and our OR does some IR type procedures like ports, ect.



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Smaller size oncology hospital here we have 2 staff [usually only one per day though] MD's and a PA we do on average about 10 a day then the add on inpatients varies. We staff 3 nurses and a lead . Days get busy often



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How many nurses are in your department? We have 7, 2 for pre- post area ( 7 beds). 2 for both Angio rooms, 1 for CT & US, 1 charge and 1 float. We have 1 doc all day and one until noon. Sometimes we have a vascular surgeon as well.