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  1. IR Nurses that deal with outpatient LP Chemo

    Well all of those questions you just asked so did we. The medication is administered by a radiologist. The order is ordered by an oncology physician . The sketchy part is the activation there is no guidance by our nursing board that deals with activ...
  2. Chemoembo

    always can be done but wondering if they are using general anesthesia or conscious sedation?
  3. Interview at adult level 1 trauma centers

    yes you will have trouble initially - not knowing all the procedures that are being performed and or if you have call this may be a decision better taken after more experience. Lack of critical care experience will also work against you. Only benifi...
  4. We are a hospital that engages in out patient chemo Lumbar punctures. We have been given the task of "activating" chemo orders. Our direction is to meet the patient and performa series of assessments [not the issue] . what is the issue is that there...
  5. Are nurse's all that and a bag of chips?

    Im a chemical engineer i save lives everyday. Naw not a good tshirt slogan
  6. I wish i could get paid to do these studies. Maybe ill marry a doctor one day that will allow me to do this.
  7. "I have a PhD, I know more than you do!"

    He is a doctorate of pharmacy by spending enuff boring time in a classroom. And i agree he must also have taken "crap on people 101" he should have had the smarts to avoid causing a bad situation for everyone. People get so butthurt over status. ...
  8. Another reason unions suck!

    i doubt you will be there by then and it is a lot of time ahead
  9. Another reason unions suck!

    you should move - seriously your a nurse???
  10. if it were just a ct i would doubt there was an RN there -they would have been called to it - sometimes crap just happens
  11. I think we dont know enough here to judge. What kind of proceedure was it did it involve conscious sedation. Was it indeed a bleed?? Ir Rns (most) are either experienced icu or ed nurses so they usually know what to do with a fail on a patient. If it...
  12. IR Scheduling

    Smaller size oncology hospital here we have 2 staff [usually only one per day though] MD's and a PA we do on average about 10 a day then the add on inpatients varies. We staff 3 nurses and a lead . Days get busy often
  13. How to be a successful New Grad in ICU

    good point riley
  14. Funny SG Those damn rad techs i hear you 100% but our overall supv was an RN and many of them got the turf - we all gotta geet along
  15. In need of some pointers!!

    amyla is the correct was to go if your an RN , get into as many icu's as possible the bridge from ICU on the ground to ICU [and thats what it is] in the air is key. Your not an ER RN up there you are the pts life support if you havent dont it regular...