Radiology nursing, emergency nursing
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Vandenhs has 29 years experience and specializes in Radiology nursing, emergency nursing.

25 yrs in ER, 4 in Radiology

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  1. Do Bachelor's Degrees Save Lives? - The Facts about Earning a BSN

    Stats can be scewed to what you want them to say. The studies quoted were not apples to apples! How can they say that is a fair representation. You'd need exact patient acuity, exact patient load , etc.. I'm about 1/2 way through getting my BSN aft...
  2. Getting Our Egos Out of the Hierarchy!

    I agree with Dany. I'm a nurse and I try not to pull the nurse card, but I also know my body and my history. Trouble is some doctors don't listen to their patients and find out their concerns. I've seen this many times working in the ED. It's mostly ...
  3. Getting Our Egos Out of the Hierarchy!

    2:08 am by Dany102 I don't think there is anything wrong with someone using the Internet to gain more knowledge about any specific medical or health topic. I believe most people have a vested interest in educating themselves (it's their health, afte...
  4. Have any of your patients ever told you that you're a good nurse?

    Thus the reason the patient satisfaction score is low. Unfortunately, administration sides with the 6 th grade education instead of their own educated staff.
  5. IR Scheduling

    How many nurses are in your department? We have 7, 2 for pre- post area ( 7 beds). 2 for both Angio rooms, 1 for CT & US, 1 charge and 1 float. We have 1 doc all day and one until noon. Sometimes we have a vascular surgeon as well.