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Ipn contract sign or not?

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Hi everyone , I have been dealing with the situation I am in since Jan and after all the research I have done need to make a decision soon, but I need to make a right one so all feedbacks will help, I try to make it as short as possible.

I work in a BZ ER in FL one of those for profit ones, speed is everything not pt! I was approached by my director that I was on the red in RX auditor (had no idea what that meant) but OK I have been giving a lot of Dilaudid in the Month of Jan and after audit 0.5 mg was not wasted! oh come on lets audit everybody and see what pops I push over 350 meds per month so I forgot or who knows what like no nurse never forgot to waste not to mention they divide number of narcs by the hours you work not with the number of meds you give so the harder you work the more chance you will be on the list! after explaining to the boss that number one I been floating lately a lot plus I work mid shift (so no down time) plus I give a lot of meds so of course I would be on the list she understood but I was drug tested next day randomly and was negative.

so for next month I lay of float try to relax a bit and everything is good my name is not on the list next month and time goes by. before you know it I am back on float (I do a good job at it),3 months goes by everything seems good I am giving most meds in ER again, no one tells me anything that there all any problems until boom one day I get called in the office that I need to go to HR! when I get in there I was told there was a needle with a vial of D was found in bathroom and I was working that day! did I know anything about it? I Smiled and said No and let me guess I am the prime suspect correct?

they tell me well you been on the red past 5 out of 6 months so we have some concerns,great here we go again 5 months and all they did was praised me for giving most meds and have high percentage in scanning. I explained again why again I was on red. they reply well we audited you med track and there has been 2 incidents in past 4 months that Dilaudid was not scanned as given to pt but wasted, plus half of the its are not signed to me and I do not reassess pain! Are you serious? I float that means yes most its are not signed to me plus I can't reassess due to same reason.ER and HR director understood but CNO,ethics and pharmacy were just somewhere else. anyways I was drug tested again and this time THEY LET ME DRIVE HOME!!!!!!!!! I come back negative again got written up for not properly documenting and

reassessing its after medicating. Lesson learned no more float no more giving other nurses Narcs.

I only worked 4 shifts for month of July and had the worst its all sicklers and lots of dilaudid was dispensed all properly documented/wasted and pain reassessed which I told my director and she said no worries. yeah right 3 days into august I get a call from my director that you are on the list again on green but CNO doesn't care and wants you to be evaluated by IPN. are you kidding me just for working hard and managing pain? all docs know I don't push D on frequent flyers, everything was explained I was just written up last week 2 clean random drug tests never looked drowsy or sleepy never a complaint from a pt never an incident and they reported me to IPN!! she tells me she understands but CNO feels better by having me evaluated and I have 72 hours to contact IPN! I needed some personal time off and could of used PTOs so whatever, I know I am not using or diverting I barely drink .and thats when I learned about the GANG called IPN.

Went through initial interview made an appt with evaluator went to see him ($800 cash)

he talks to me for 10 minutes and then asks me why am I there? what is he evaluating?

I pushed a lot of meds that were ordered and I ****** clean so what was the problem he states? so we talk another 30 min about my childhood and then he goes I take care of this asap so you can go back to work. He asks me I need to do a drug test plus he took my prescription for Marinol which I been taking for past 15 years for my condition.

3 weeks goes by and IPN tells me they haven't received my evaluation and can't get a hold of evaluator! finally I get a call from IPN saying they got my evaluation and he recommends some educational training I need to do which come to find out is another $500 plus I need to change my primary doctor since he is Pathologist not an ID specialist ! and also I need to do another UA screen because I was positive for alcohol and they don't know what to do about Marinol yet! then they will give me my contract LMAO sure what else you want me to do? I asked them well can they tell me what kinda contract they had she states 5 years with one year narc key restriction plus random ua test including alcohol! you gotta be kidding me, this is a nightmare! I told them I think about it after I speak to my attorney and she states IF I DONT TAKE THE CONTRACT THEY WILL LET MY JOB KNOW AND MY JOB WILL REPORT ME TO DOH! so here I am done a lot of reading on blogs spoken to 3 attorney and I am confused as ever! here are my questions

1.my job will not take me back unless IPN clears me but they will not report me if I resigned, CAN AND WILL IPN CONTACT DOH WITHOUT HAVING A CONTRACT WITH THEM?

2. I don't have any problems with drugs but I have read a lot about it is a no win situation with IPN but attorneys tell me DO NOT SIGN TAKE IT TO DOA IF WE HAVE TO, you are not an immediate threat to patients they will not suspend your license and you can get a job somewhere else IPN can't stop you as long as you have a valid license. how true is that?

what if i signed the contact then my job fires me in 6 months for whatever reason and I am stuck with IPN and no job? what if I want to move somewhere else? I am lost can someone give me advice that might have gone through the same thing.

OH YEAH I also feel like suing the hospital for harassment,discrimination and defamation of character what do you think about that after all they pushed me in this IPN TRAP!

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terms of service prevent legal advise,

you have sought advise of attorney

i am sorry you are going thru this, best wishes

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I am so sorry...((HUGS))

My best suggestion...FOLLOW YOUR Attorney's ADVICE. If you have malpractice they will help with an attorney.

DO NOT place restrictions on your license. If you are innocent fight them!

Make sure your attorney is a licensing attorney familiar in these matters...and follow their advice.

Thanx everyone, I definitely will hire an attorney, I cant sign a contract when All I am guilty of is working hard! Still the big question is will IPN contact DOH If I dont have a contract with them or they will only contact my job?


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Thanx everyone, I definitely will hire an attorney, I cant sign a contract when All I am guilty of is working hard! Still the big question is will IPN contact DOH If I dont have a contract with them or they will only contact my job?

That's a question for your attorney. You can't control the what if's.