introducing self to nurse manager?


I work as a nurse tech at a hospital. I am also in nursing school and will be graduating in december. I am hoping to get a job as a tech this summer on a different floor. This other floor is were I hope to work as a nurse when I graduate and I would love to get in there now as a tech. Is it okay to go introduce myself to the nurse manager of that floor or is that rude to just show up unannounced. Should I maybe call instead? There are not any job posting for this floor but I know someone who floats there and she said that they may be hiring.

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Stop by and see her. When your friend is floating there go see her for lunch and stop by the managers office. Today networking must be done to put yourself ahead of the others.


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I agree, I would absolutely stop in and chat with the manager. Sometimes they have open positions that are not posted. Good luck!

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I agree, I would absolutely stop in and chat with the manager. Sometimes they have open positions that are not posted. Good luck!

I absolutely would too!


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That's how I got my job now! :) I just applied although there was no position posted. I kept telling HR to foorward my application to the ER manager and they kept saying I don't think anything is open. I said that's okay can you forward it anyway and maybe when something comes up. Well I got a call the next day for an interview. She said they hadn't posted the position online yet during my interview and I told her "That's okay, you won't need to now."

Anyway, just apply. Maybe they just haven't gotten around to posting the job yet, beat the rush and apply before they do! Or in your case since you have a while til graduation, introduce yourself to the manager. Can't possibly hurt you unless you inturupt a meeting or something. :)


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As a Nurse Manager, I say go introduce yourself!


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Thank you so much for all of your replies! I am going to go introduce myself this week. I'll let you know how it turns out!

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Definitely introduce yourself. I'd also spend some time practicing your introduction, make sure you're doing a good job of selling yourself (for this is your ultimate goal). You want to make sure to attempt to stand out from the crowd..go for it!