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Interview at a nursing home next week


To all the fellow NPs that work for a NH, what should be the salary requirement I should ask for and should I even waste my time interviewing because of the pay scale? I live in Miami, Fl and I have about 9 months experience as an NP in a community health setting. The pay there is terrible and I need to be able to pay my student loans back.


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I'm in Missouri and get paid $45/patient and up depending on how I bill.

Since this was the first interview they did not bring up salary in the first one but the second one they offered 83-84 K to start.

Did you call NH to find jobs or were they posted somewhere? I am interested in working at a NH but don't know where to start and haven't seen any on any job boards around here. I am in Michigan.

Reddgirl, What is your job description for the NH position? I have seen ads for positions that station a NP in the NH, but I am not sure what the work entails. From what I have read, it seems like it can include starting IV fluids if needed, etc which to me is Acute Care. Also, some positions send the NP to the NH to do assessments only, and they pay per visit. What is your job description for the position you are considering?

I work along side a physician and see patients in a PACE type setting in which we do round in the NH or SNF units.


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Does anyone know what cms or avg reimbursement is for typical nh/snf monthly visit?

I'd have to ask the chief ARNP there. We have close connections so I will get the run-down but I don't think its much. I'll keep you posted.