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midwestFNP has 7 years experience and specializes in Family Practice/Urgent Care.

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  1. midwestFNP

    Anyone Else with Pay/Benefits Cuts?

    I'm in the midwest and our small hospital is going through the same thing. It hasn't hit NPs yet but the doctors all had to take a 10% pay cut and there have been massive layoffs of hospital staff. I'm out on maternity leave and I've barely been able to enjoy it as I'm always worried about work!
  2. midwestFNP

    Texas NPs

    Seriously? Insulting to yourself and all other NPs.
  3. midwestFNP

    Texas NPs

    You are insulting not only yourself, but all other NPs with that statement. Shame on you.
  4. midwestFNP

    What is your take home pay as Nurse Practitioner?

    What type NP are you? FNP Where (state)(rural/urban) do you practice? Rural family practice/urgent care with attached dental clinic (20 minutes away from the 3rd largest city in the state) Are you independent or in a group? Group How many years experience? 6 months as NP, 5 years as RN What is your before tax paycheck amount? between $3K and $3,500 Monthly or bi-weekly? bi-weekly Salary/hourly/other(explain)? hourly Avg hours on check? 40-45 What are the perks of your contract? (ie. PTO/vacation/bonuses) $2K annual education allowance, 5 paid days for education time,paid memberships to one local and one national NP organization, NHSC eligible site for student loan reimbursement, medical and dental insurance, uniform reimbursement, retirement plan, 3 weeks vacation to start, all licensing fees and malpractice paid by employer, bi-weekly production bonuses on the opposite week of payroll checks, free medical and dental services at the clinic for myself and my family