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Hello All! I have an interview at LTC facility on Thursday morning. My predicament is that I was terminated from my last job. I was terminated at the same time as 2 other nurses both of which had been at the facility for 20+ years! The DON was not a nice lady, at all she came in after the old DON had to resign because she was diagnosed with cancer. To make a long story short, she accused me of not documentating a new pressure area on a resident with a contracted hand. Here's the thing tho I did document on the pressure area but note disappeared from the chart! But the incident report I had filled out was still there! It was rumored that the other 2 nurses were also terminated for other documentation that had also dissappered. I was suspended first pending investigation, when I went into speak with the DON she told me I was terminated because I had not documentated and because I had not notified the MD. But on the incident report I filled out it had the time and the date that the MD had been notified. I asked her how she could fire me because of the documentation on the incident report. I also told her that I had documentated about the area as well notified the treatment nurse after dressing the area myself. There was also an order in the chart that I wrote for the dressing to the pressure area! She then handed me a write up to sign that stated to the effect of what I was being accused of. I refused to sign it, because I knew that I had done nothing wrong. She also said that there were other issues with me to as why I was being terminated. Such as I had a poor attitude and I was intimading to CNA staff. Which boggled my mind because I had always thought I had got along well with my CNA staff. The DON at one point in time before all of this happened had told me that it wouldnt hurt if I went and got my highlights done because they were looking trashy. I suffer from bad allergies as well, to that she told me that it wouldnt hurt to use some concealer on my puffy eyes! Someone tampered with that residents medical record! I know in my heart of hearts that I charted on the new area to the residents hand. After I was terminated I applied for unemployment and was given it. I also made a call to the state about what had happened and subsequently an investigation was done at my former facility. The DON that terminated me abruptly put in her two week notice afther the investigation and resigned her position at the facility. So I guess what I am wondering now is how do I explain this whole situation to a perspetive new employer. I know that it doesnt look to throw your old facilty under the bus so to say and thats not what I want to do. Anyone have any suggestions on how I could handle this.


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You keep it short and sweet. Perhaps you'll say that there was a misunderstanding that got out of hand. If they want to know more, then they will ask and you can expand your answer.


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I just picked up a job at a local LTC and the ADON not once looked at the application :eek: The questions were based on nursing experience and what was I looking for with their company. I hope the same happens to you and this issue never comes up and you're hired :D Good luck!


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Is it just me or does it seem that LTC is NOT!! the place to be? What is it with management's approach in LTC? It seems to be a "scorched earth" policy; Burn up the ones you don't burn out! It is almost as if they don't want good qualified people to stick around. Perhaps conscientious people ask too many questions and expect too much. These facilities appear to value CNA's much more than nurses. The nurse is treated like a 'necessary evil to be dispensed with at random lest they get some idea that they have a say about things.' "There will always be some nurse who will take the job until we can get the next one." With these management groups it is about the money and that means the lowest forms of life are often listened to and given value above a good nurse. Why? Because the CNA with the spotty history will 'play along' and not make waves. The residents? Keep 'em sedated & keep 'em clean (at least on visiting days and inspection days). I know there are sincere employees in LTC, but they are often out numbered and out gunned. I spoke with my mom who was a nurse's aid for many years long ago and things haven't changed much. That's why when she moved into administration she left LTC. My younger sister left a great hospital job for LTC and loves it, but her facility has been locally owned by the same family for a couple of generations with no desire to sell. Since that is not the norm, I see no scenario where I would ever be willing to put myself or my license on the line for LTC.


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Yea I understand what you are saying. I heard from a friend that still works there that they recently fired a nurse for suspected neglect, but never reported said nurse to the proper places. She also tells me that things have only got worse there. Some of the things I could tell you about that place would make your skin crawl. Thing is tho LTC is definetly not everyones cup of tea. But I do enjoy, I tested the waters in a Rehab hospital and also has a LPN in the hospital setting. But I truly do enjoy taking care of the elderly, but I'm also the type person who likes to have set routine. This LTC that I am interviewing at is in pretty good standing with the state and I went to school with a few nurses who used to work that they say that it's a pretty decent place to work. I guess only time will tell.


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I would consider placing a call to your old facility and asking them to change your termination to a voluntary quit---all they can do is say no.........


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I think it would be wise if you file a complaint with your Board of Nursing about documentation being tampered with.

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I would consider placing a call to your old facility and asking them to change your termination to a voluntary quit---all they can do is say no.........

And also ask what they will be saying to anyone that calls to verify past employment.

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You received unemployment, right? Why can't you honestly say that you were laid off and collected unemployment without going into all of the sordid details. You only receive unemployment benefits (after a firing), if it is determined that you were wrongly fired. Therefore, you were not actually "fired." I don't think your former place of employment would dispute this considering what you have posted. Most employees would not resign from positions if they did nothing wrong, they would fight. Apparently the DON chose not to.


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"It is a complicated matter and I prefer not to go into detail unless you feel it is necessary in your consideration of my potential employment. However, I was awarded unemployment benefits after an unfortunate situation at my former place of employment." Then, pick up on their response to answer them. That is how I would handle it.


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I think it would be wise if you file a complaint with your Board of Nursing about documentation being tampered with.

I agree with this. It could be to your benefit in more ways than one.

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If I am understanding correctly, the OP did call the state to explain the situation, and an investigation was launched at her former facility. DON quit two weeks after the investigation.

Is this right, OP?

My advice is to not bring all of this up during your interview. DONs tend to know what is going on at other facilities, and she probably already knows that your former facility is the Seventh Level of Hell. If she asks you pointed questions about it, then I would answer factually. Keep it to the bare minimum, though and focus more on why you would like to work at the facility you are applying to.