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Hey everyone! I am a new member and also a nursing student. I am asking for help due to the fact that I am looking to travel as a health care vounteer internationally during my next summer break (kind of like making up for the no-option of study abroad in nursing school). I speak spanish and would prefer to travel to central or south america. I know that some people disagree with a student traveling to help out a clinics where professionals are in greater need. However, I've had experience traveling with medical groups before during high school to indigent populations not only in central america but in america as well (only lasting for a few weeks each) and I fell in love with international/rural health care!

those trips only lasted for a couple weeks where as I am now looking for trips that last around 4 months.

I was wondering if anyone is involved in or knows of any medical clinic websites, groups or programs lasting from 4-6 months accepting students to travel with them. Thank you so much!!

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Welcome to Allnurses. Good luck!


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Yes, I second the welcome!

About your original post, I work with a student that is going to Peru

next month (for 2 weeks only in a health clinic) with an organization called "Global Crossroads".

I have perused their website and loved all the opportunities........endless, really.

Hope this helps and maybe we will 'cross roads" !!!



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do you know if this organization pays for housing?? or the plane ticket or do we have to pay for all of that? And would you happen to know the requirements for volunteering in other countries? thanks so much


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i just checked up on that site, i'm interested as well on the opportunities to volunteer out of the country... still seems like so much money :/ to come up w/ myself. you can check under what the plan doesnt pay for, which is airfare... yikes.

I am looking into summer volunteer opportunities for student nurses. I want to go international. I have had some experince with IV drug users, sex workers, mentally ill... I am also interested in plastic/reconstructive surgery. Any ideas on groups to get into contact with?


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I'm interested in traveling abroad as a nursing student, as well. My concern is paying for it. Many people have suggested that I try to create a fundraiser to raise the money...Would that work?


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I have a non-profit as well as work with 3 other non-profit Mission organizations. We work in the Caribbean and Africa with a trip leaving to Kenya in two weeks and a 3 week trip to Ethiopia in Jul 09.

These trips offer some of the most rewarding experiences you can imagine. Typically we have several clinic days and also offer surgeries. Students are welcome. The heart for missions is REQUIRED!

We have some informational sessions scheduled for Mid Feb and early Mar. where we will talk about opportunities, costs and much more.

I am creating a course as an Honors Project for Lee College that will give students the opportunity to go on a short term mission and get credit - kinda like a mini session abroad.


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Hi, I'm an RN and really interested in doing some work in Africa, South America and/ or the Carribean. Can you give us your website or contact info?


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Hello, I am a prenursing student in Iowa and would love to do some volunteering abroad while I wait for my program to start. Any suggestions? Thank you for your help and have a great day!

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good day, if u are interested to volunteer or work in africa, contact me. thank u

I am interested to learn about your opportunities in Africa for RN's. Thanks.

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