What's your Christmas wish? - page 2

hi everybody! do you believe that prayers are like incense to the Father's heavenly dwelling? post your wish and commit yourself to say a prayer each day for it (and maybe another's) up until... Read More

  1. by   datukuno
    Quote from rnhawaii34
    :icon_cheesygrin: yey! you must have been so good all year long! so santa and the big boss gave you your christmas gift early!! congratulations! welcome to nurse world!!! :hatparty: :biere:
    thank you!
  2. by   nrswnabee
    Thanks for sharing you guys...God's faithfulness goes beyond our human hearts' desires. Reason? He just can't help being ALL that He is. Take comfort Happy 2007 to all!!!!
  3. by   ernbabjr
    Before the year TWO THOUSAND AND SIX ends I wish you all the best of the best and may the heavenly Father grant all your wishes. :angel2: gud luck c",)
  4. by   msdreamchaser
    i just hope i'll be with my parents soon... pass the nclex... ielts... and move out... merry christmas to everyone!
  5. by   kathykaye
    hope that retrogression will be lifted soon... and be there! i wish to work in a good hospital while im waiting..
  6. by   kathykaye
    may we all have a blessed and fruitful new year! god bless...
  7. by   pyrolady
    A new career....PLEASE !!
  8. by   preciosa
    That God will bless all my plans and good health.
    Merry Christmas to everyone!!:spin:
  9. by   astroboy
    I pray that.....I'll pass my NCLEX RN exams on feb!!!...Happy holidays....:Santa2:
  10. by   lamplighter
    Good Health...for me to have a work...
  11. by   potatomasher
    -Praying for peace in our country and that the retrogression will end.
    -Better job opportunities for our healthcare professionals in our country (better wages and benefits).
    -Pass my NCLEX-RN exam (will be taking it 13 December...)
  12. by   juicyjake
    I pray that my landlord will change his mind and let me get a dog....
    I'm so lonely! haha.
  13. by   lenjoy03
    1. i pray for world peace! hahaha.... i dont want it to happen here in the philippines only....

    2. for my sister and i to pass the nclex, first take!!!! i'm planning to take it on september.

    3. good health for everyone especially my family.

    4. for my canadian friend to call me this coming christmas!!!

    5. for my crush to be my friend.... wah!

    6. to meet suzanne, lawrence, pinoy_guy someday! even just on friendster.... hehehe.....

    merry christmas everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!