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  1. pyrolady

    So Very Sad

    Huge shortage of nurses out there - shouldn't have any problem. I say walk (I just did...). Good luck !
  2. To retain information for testing you must first UNDERSTAND the information - NOT memorize it. There is a difference. Please try thinking through the information in a logical manner where one thing follows or leads to another. Cramming means memorize - memorize means higher chances of forgetting. Understanding the process and subject matter of what it is you are studying means you have learned it. Once you understand, your grades will go up. Also - HOW do you take a test? You should typically sit AWAY from where everyone has to walk through to get out of the room (ie: sit in front far corner, not back row by exit). When you sit where you can see people leaving it increases your anxiety because you think they have all finished, they are brilliant and you are not (they probably didn't know most answers and so gave up faster perhaps?), and you should be done. Also, don't enter the room until lthe last possible minute (or go in, put something on the seat you want and leave - enter to sit down later). Why? Because everyone is anxious and talking to each other about thoughts on this and that and what will stick in your mind is the last comment you heard about a possible question / subject and it may be the wrong information - but you won't be able to get rid of the thought. Wear a little perfume on your wrist and when you get anxious smell it - it will relax you (ummm, if you're a guy you are on your own!). Make study cards and carry them with you at all times - review them at stop signs, in the park, wherever you may be. Take information in at a leisurely pace whenever possible (ie: always review your notes after class - perhaps retype them in a more orderly fashion for easier understanding). STOP studying after a certain time the night before the test. Put the books away and don't touch them again before the test. If you don't understand and know it by that time, you won't get it. Better luck on the next test - hope this helped !! GOOD LUCK....
  3. pyrolady

    Selfish family?Student Mothers please read!

    I agree with jov....the older children did not sign on to be young parents. I have a girlfriend who is the second in a family of six. She got pregnant her senior year. Reason? "If I'm going to raise children, they might as well be my own!!" (from the mind of a 17 year old...). She remained married and had four more children and was mom to all of them - no outside work from the home. 13 children is a HUGE responsibility - one that I am sure was thought about before doing (I hope?). Seven more years won't hurt to wait - children grow too fast and are always at a crucial age, no matter what it is. Perhaps Mom can take one class a semester working toward her goal - there are always a lot of pre-req classes to get out of the way. Mom to chilodren is an important job - Mom to THIRTEEN children is huge. Good luck to you - btw, I was in my 40's before I went back to school as well. You're never "too old". Also - third world country???? UMMMMMMMMM, I'd have to think about that one. You have plenty of people here who live in the same conditions as a third world country, thay need volunteer help - perhaps you can even help them in some way now and include your children for the learning experience.
  4. pyrolady

    Is Nursing School Hard?

    One of my classmates had NINE children going through school. She drove over an hour to get there and was planning to divorce her husband at the time (hence the return to college). I had just gotten a divorce, was raising two children, had no car for four years, my mom and best friend died the day before I started. I hauled laundry and groceries any way I could, worked in a bar, sold shoes and prayed a lot (cried too). But I made it....if you want to you will, if there is no drive then you won't. Good luck to you - there are tons of stories of "survivors of nursing school" out there. Another one of my classmates gave birth to twins the last semester of school :) You'lll make it, don't worry. Have fun !
  5. pyrolady

    Losing your skills in LTC

    Our LTC has trachs, tube feeders, wounds (III and IV - NOT facility acquired) up the ying yang, isolation cases, etc. We do IV's, cath's, etc. I just finished managing a hospital unit. They had darn near the exact patients there with a 6:1 ratio. I guarantee that if one of my nurses in the hospital got planted in the LTC with a 24:1 ratio they would have a heart attack!!! They used to scream when it was 6:1 because 3 of them would be post stroke (everyday occurance in LTC) and the other three had more than 7 pills (try the usual 13+ in LTC). You can take a LTC nurse and put her in a hospital and she will survive and thrive. Do the opposite? NO WAY.
  6. pyrolady

    Alzheimer's-Brother won't help!!!

    Chatter may have a point though - how close were your mom and brother before AD? Lots of sons are close to mom and when something like this comes along they have deep deep problems. Remember, it is a woman's nature to comfort and a man's to "fix" - this is something that he can't fix and perhaps it plain scares the he-- out of him. He may not be able to cope. Different people handle things differently, perhaps you should be his sister and try to probe deeper in an understanding way as to why he is reacting this way. In any case, good luck and hugs to you - it is a very long and frightening road. Make sure to take care of yourself, ok? God bless.
  7. pyrolady

    Is it true that a BSN will be mandatory soon?

    They were kicking that around when I went to nursing school 15 years ago and it's still recycling . I don't think I'd panic about it....they don't have enough instructors to do the ADN and LPN programs, what makes them think they'll have enough to actually train BSN's as the entry level??? Ain't going to happen.... ( and YES, I do have a BSN). Beyond that, each level of nursing serves a different purpose. LPN and ADN are more hands on and BSN is more admn. - we need all of the fields to give proper care.
  8. pyrolady

    Best Florida city?

    Sunrise or Sunset? Gulf side is beautiful for it's sunsets, water is more friendly and TONS of intercoastal waterways, islands, beaches, friendly people and lots of culture in the Tampa and St. Pete area. Coming from Minnesota you may get sticker shock in the housing market though. We just bout a house built in 1971 for just shy of $400,000 in St. Pete. It was just remodeled though, on a golf course facing west with a pool (can't wait to move in...). Definately Tampa and St. Pete area - include Sarasota in that as well. Orlando is nice, tourist driven, and not really near the big beaches. Atlantic side is not as user friendly either. Good luck and welcome to paradise, the red tide, hurricanes, alligators and sharks ( no swimming in fresh water here - 'gators have that area) quite unlike the land of lakes in Minnisota (or Michigan where I was from). All in all though, it sure is nice (except July and August....)/ Welcome.
  9. pyrolady

    nurse & dr affair, what should I do?

    I agree with previous posts - none of your business, stay out of it. There's an old saying, "No good deed goes unpunished..." What purpose would your involvement be? You need to ask yourself, "why do I want to become involved in this (be it whistle blowing or whatever)?" There is no reason why you need to butt in - it will only bring you down in the long run. Hope you stay out of it :)
  10. One more suggestion - if you have a BSN you can test for being a Nursing Home Administrator or an Assisted Living Administrator. Good money, office work not floor, everyone in the bldg. is under you. I have an administrators license and did it in the state I used to live in. Nice - however, I don't like the accounting side of things (I leaned more towards spend spend spend because these people need and deserve the best care). Not too well liked by the corporate world
  11. Mom23RN - how much does a medical transcriptionist make and how do you go about doing it??? Did you have to market yourself? How did you find doctors to transcribe? Charge by page or hour? Different formats for different docs? I have an acquaintance who knows someone in that field - said she even does transcription at the beach on her laptop!! I've thought of it before because you can do it from home and I love secretarial work but I'm afraid I won't make as much as I do now. Any advice is helpful.... Also, one might consider medical coding or billing as it can also be done from home... however, you need to market yourself because most docs who work in hospitals have a signed contract that they will use the hospital for stuff like that. Thanks in advance for the help with above...
  12. pyrolady

    do nurses eat their young

    yup - a lot of them do. Hopefully you run into some who are professional enough to be a preceptor. Unfortunately you did something that someone reported. My suggestion is the same as a previous post - learn to cover your bottom. How? Well, sometimes I get anal retentive - also remember that you won't get everything all of the time and guess what?? Some of us are actually human. Do your best every day and it's all one can ask.
  13. pyrolady

    Nurse, hospital sued in baby's death

    If you pass the boards you are a nurse, registered nurse through NCLEX. If you do NOT pass the boards you are NOT a nurse. You are a person with a NURSING DEGREE/EDUCATION who is not licensed to practice. I don't know who let this poor person practice without a license or sit pass as a GN, if I were the preceptor I'd be really upset because you count on your facility to make sure the person you are in charge of is eligible for the experience. Tenet sounds like HCA - both are poor excuses for hospitals and a front to make money. The HCA facility I was in tested people for anything and everything as long as insurance covered it. Insurance runs out, patient gets "cured". It's a miracle....
  14. pyrolady

    Healthier Living Support - Part III

    Ahhhh yes...stress eating. I do so well until about 3:00 and then it's chocolate and anything I'm not supposed to have. Get home and eat while cooking dinner. Like a good little nurse, I haven't been to the doctor in two years - but I CAN say that I've made appointments (just missed 'em). For once I finally went to the dentist Friday, set up an appointment with the neurologist and another with a cardiac guy for later in the month (missed the first ones I made). I will make these and am trying to get to the point where I actually walk or exercise of some kind. Problem is that I drive 1 1/2 hrs. one way to work everyday. However - we are in the process of purchasing a home just 15 minutes from work and I tell myself that I will exercise after we move 'cause I'll have more "time" (meanwhile the treadmill that is brand new and the nice ball I have for "core" exercise as well as my yoga mat goes untouched). Who am I kidding? I'm just overweight and not doing anything about it, even though I know I should and I'd look and feel so much better if I just dropped 15 pounds (alter ego says: 15? That's not too bad, don't worry about it - ya got a pretty face....). Help please ! I seem to have time for everyone but me .
  15. pyrolady

    Patient Dumping?

    Our facility had a resident who came in for c-diff. It was resolved and the social worker made discharge plans for an ALF for him (he was homeless on admit). He decided he wasn't going to stay there. You guessed it - still at our facility using it as his "home base....". This past week he decided he could now go out (without signing out of course), down the street and buy alcohol 10 am), go to the restaurant next door and hassle them, etc. Police called of course and he ended up back with us (he was sooooooooo nice when they showed up - couldn't Baker Act). This happened x3 this week. We FINALLY discharged the person to a shelter - sent via taxi - today. He chooses to live on the streets - we set him up with an ALF that he turned down, figured he'd live with us I guess... We wish him well, not everyone is as fortunate as some of us are in life. However, I can't turn my SNF into the local shelter either. I sure wish we had more solid places for the people of society who fall through the cracks....but I guess people make choices in life. His is to drink and "do as (he) #@** well pleases - mine is to find a safe place for him to go to. What he does after that I can't control.
  16. pyrolady

    Moving to Largo, Florida

    For all people reading posts late (like me) Largo Medical is NOT a good place to work. Been there, done that - and would NEVER consider it again. The stories I could tell would curl your hair. FlwannaB hits it on the head - only I could add soooooooooooo much more to the tale. Actually, read the newspapers and it will tell part of it in print - getting stickers in ER mixed up and having a patient sent home who ended up dying in the parking lot instead of being admitted is just the tip of the iceburg. Then there's always the one who jumped from the fourth floor window after restraints were removed that "weren't needed" - you don't even want to go into staffing, attitudes, unending phone calls and then cancellations - lunch? Yea, right. State was in because of pharmacy mix up last month, had a friend who had surgery there - couldn't control her pain....out of Demerol (ummm....isn't that supposed to be stocked in pharmacy?) Morphine couldn't work so she just got to scream a lot...she was a nurse there - said she'd never do it again. There's more....don't go to Largo, it's slumming.

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