:nono: Hello my Friends who had passed the NCLEX RN in California but are overseas base, We are all asked for an SSN, Ok , but how can we gaurantee that with in three years we could supply them... Read More

  1. by   jo21
    Thanks miss suzzane!
    I really learned a lot from you when i read your posts and thanks also drizzlebaby for bringing up the thread... i also had those misconceptions. I'm a fresh graduate and confused about some things.
  2. by   Drizzlebaby
    i almost threw away my application form..

    Good thing i read what was posted here..

    My friend said she will apply for another state any basically throw away the $200 she used to apply to Ca..

    gotta go tel her..she's making a big mistake bout the "expiration in 3 yrs" issue..
  3. by   Ruby Ann Abdul
    Hi! I'm new with the
    i just received my notification letter from cali bon informing me that i have passed. And it's still the same scenario about requiring the ssn within a 3-year period. I just want to know straight from those members who have gone through with this we have to retake the nclex exam again? Well, i'm worried because it's too much for me if i have to go through all over again. Application is not the problem but it's sitting for the exam that is worst!!
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    As long as you either get an extension or apply to another state for license and get CA to forward your NCLEX results plus meet state requirements for renewal then there is no reason to sit sit the exam again
  5. by   Ruby Ann Abdul
    Thank you silverdragon102....well, i'm very disappointed when i got the notification letter. Passing the nclex-rn exam is a matter of luck to me...i don't wanna take it again!! Did you have same experience? Do you have any recommendation what state that i can transfer my application? Sorry for asking too much....
  6. by   Silverdragon102
    Not sure why you are disappointed when it is well known that Ca will not issue a license without a SSN. If you have only just passed then you have a couple years to wait and see. We have had members post with no problems on getting a extension with CA but would recommend you do it just before you have 6 months left as you have time to look at another state if the extension is denied (highly unlikely as Ca is well aware on retrogression and many foreign nurses affected.

    I would suggest you do a search for California and read what others have had to say
  7. by   vince_rr_01
    hi everyone, i am a nurse here in the philippines... passed the california nclex last june2006. i'm still here in the country due to retrogression (my priority date is september 2005). just emailed the california BON last May regarding the 3 year period that they require to submit a SS# since mine lapsed last june 2009. they gave me another year of extension up until june 2010 to submit a SS#. hopefully by then, i'll be in the USA.
  8. by   Ruby Ann Abdul
    Thanks Silverdragon102 and Vince, I'm more relief than ever. I'm just worried because of this ongoing retrogression..I doubt if I can find an agency that can help me. Vince, can you recommend an agency where they will help me process my papers, likewise, give an advise regarding the steps to take?

    Another question...there's a portion in the notification letter that says they will abandon and destroy our file. Do you think we have to retake the nclex after 3 years? finally, did you do some continuing education for Cali. because I heard for some states they do.

    Sorry for all these querries...Thanks a lot for having this site. I feel so grateful to have found you. More questions have been answered and it's a great relief!!!
  9. by   vince_rr_01
    hi ruby ann! i'm still in the philippines, waiting for my PD to be current so i don't know any requirements about continuing education in cali,,, though i think i won't have problems on that part because i jus earned my master's degree last year and have certifications in different nursing trainings/workshops...

    agency? all of them just follow the same immigration procedure, so i suggest that you go to an agency where you personally know someone whose papers have been processed successfully... but if you will file for an immigrant visa right now, just be sure that you will be willing to wait for a number of years...
  10. by   kokoy
    hello everyone... i have a friend who is a medical technologist in iowa( h1b visa) for almost 2 years. she plans to take nclex and wanted to file application in california state. she finished her bsn in philippines as her 2nd course last 2006. she can't file in iowa because she wasn't able to take the philippine nurses licensed exam. if she can pass the nclex, she will request ca bon to endorse her license to iowa. can she submit/use her ssn to bon california?
    i just want to ask if she will encounter difficulties or problems in this plan?

    thank you....:wink2:

  11. by   Silverdragon102
    She still needs to check with the Iowa BON to whether she still needs to meet license requirements for endorsing as usually still needs to meet foreign trained requirements even when endorsing. Also she is aware of retrogression and can't AOS and that she may have difficulty finding a H1b employer as a RN
  12. by   nurse_plush
    regarding with asking for an extension period from CA BON,
    Is it alright to mention about planning to endorse your results to another state
    to prevent it from being destroyed after the 3 year period while the retrogression is still going on?

    thank you~
  13. by   Silverdragon102
    I would just ask for a extension period due to retrogression and leave it at that