Roll Up The Rim Time

  1. OK, its that time of year again. Anybody win anything so far? I've got my usual cookie win...
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  3. by   Tashia
    ya right!!
    The last time I won anything at Timmy's was a couple years ago and I buy one at least once a week. I think they did something with how many prizes they put out because I know a lot of other people that are saying they havn't won anything in a while either.
  4. by   markjrn
    There food isn't bad, but their coffee is terrible - I never buy it. So, I guess I won't win.
  5. by   lalaxton
    Someone I work with won a mountain bike two years ago, and someone in our neighbourhood won a car last year, so yes they really do give those prizes away!a
  6. by   c_loveya
    I won a least it's something....

    - C
  7. by   DidiRN
    Thanks Canada, for Tim Hortons! I go there almost every day! Love their coffee. I just won a free coffee the other day.
  8. by   RN2Bin05
    I win "re-essayez" 's all the time. Haven't collected one yet, though.

  9. by   code_nurse
    just a couple of days ago, someone won the camping gear and another person won $1,000.00 at 2 different Tim's in a radius of 10 kms.

    Wish I had my coffee that day...
  10. by   Paprikat
    laffs, i drink 1-2 a day and have won zippo. although the first one i bought, i forgot to roll up the rim and chucked out the cup. someone is probably rich now.
  11. by   laurasc
    I've won countless times. Really! I've won countless opportunities to play again and 1 donut.

  12. by   nurse_1098
    I joined the Tim Hortons drinkers a few years back in the spring... I drink a cup a day (on average) and have only won 1 cookie and 1 doughnut this spring. I used to win more.
  13. by   Nursemelo
    Last year someone at our hospital won a van and the year before someone won a bike. I can undertsnad why so many prizes get given out from the hospital tim's. I swear the line is a mile long at break and lunch times! I havn't one anything this year or last year, not even a lousy cookie
  14. by   Morning-glory
    Nothing here either. I'm a cup a day'er. Not even a cookie. What's up with that?