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Can anyone comment on what it may be like to enter the domain of nursing in one's very late 30's/early 40's? I am considering a career transition from teaching into nursing and am already hitting... Read More

  1. by   xbcparamedic
    Where are you going to school? Who has time for work? I hardly have time for sleep, let alone work....Must be a light course load or a very forgiving employer...
  2. by   bluekermode
    If you have the desire to go into nursing then go for it. Probably a good idea to do some research about different areas of nursing first. I am just graduating and am in my early forties. I had to make a career change due to lack of work in my previous profession which paid well and I loved it but c'est la vie.

    Inbetween at the time I could only find retail. On my feet all day for wages that a person can't possibly live on, no sick days, no paid vacation, and abusive people, plus it's just not my thing. At least in nursing you get a living wage, diversity, choice in life etc.

    Curious why you want to leave teaching. Maybe you could do some nursing courses (even prereqs like anatomy and physiology) while your still working to test the waters?

    I decided to go for it as I have always been interested in this field. That being said I am definitely aware of energy levels, take good care of myself, eat well, etc. I found energy shifts when I was about 39.

    I anticipate moving into different areas of nursing as I age but I want to build a good base first.

    Most of my class was about 26 years old but I enjoyed them, and like any group of people there are mixes of personalities.

    Good luck with your choice, and enjoy life.
  3. by   puppyrules
    We live in a youth obsessed culture, so age does matter, but the only place it ultimately matters is between your ears. "Older" nurses can do whatever younger ones can. Just keep in shape and do resistance training a few days a week and you will be in as good a position as a younger nurse would be to do lifting, etc. You will, in fact, have an advantage. The older we become, the wiser we most likely become. An older persons ego is stronger and therefore not as easily ruffled by office politics that can threaten younger, less emotionally and spiritually developed individuals.

    Go for it and don't look back.
  4. by   BarbraJean
    I graduated 24 yrs ago age 35 & I retire in 3 yrs 2mos Can I hardly wait? You bet! BUT not a day goes by that I don't find amazing about what I do. I came out of working acute care medicine/CCU stepdown 9 yrs ago to go into homecare that is just as demanding just as long as the Hospital was. I never regret becoming a Nurse but the result of the long hard days, evenings & nights? I have HTN, NIDDM bad back & bad legs. There are 2 that are tied for the worst shifts My 9th (yes 9th! 12hr night shift in Emerg & I was 8 mos pregnant. The 2nd was my last 12hr night shift #4) a day nurse didn't show up & I worked 16hrs. Having said that
    there is humour, sadness sometimes amazing joy & even on occasion gratitude from a patient with something so simple as a thank you. Knowing what I know now would I do it all over again? A resounding yes.
  5. by   Fiona59
    Thank you for your years of care and service. And the reality of what nursing does to our bodies.
  6. by   Spritz
    I am starting semester 3 (acute care) in the PN programme. I am 45 and have been told that my life experience and skills far outweigh any age problems. According to some of the instructors, a facility would rather hite an *older adult* with some life and people skills over a highschool 20 something. I live in the Victoria, B.C. area.
    I am thoroughly enjoying class and the practicums we have had thus far - community and most recently ECU.
    Go for your dreams and let nothing hold you back.
    hugz and all the best your way
  7. by   safta24
    in reference to entering nursing at later ages. Way back I entered nursing at 23 while the others in my class were new high school
    As our clinical experience progressed so did my opinion of what ages should nurses to be start their career. I felt the more mature person which I thought I was, was better equipped to cope with patients mostly older than themselves.
    Always wondered how patients felt about a young nurse knowing enough to take care of them
    a bit of a ramble here, sorry
  8. by   misty2004
    Go for it!!! I'll be 43 this year, starting term 1 in Sept, wooohoooo! School's much easier the 2nd time aound, hahahah! You only live once, live life to its fullest.
  9. by   TansyD
    Hi, I am a student nurse who started at 47! My course takes 4 years so I will be 51 by the time I qualify. It has been hard studying and dealing with family life ( my Dad died and Mum has developed Alzheimers) but i think it is so worth doing. Dont let anyone put you off on grounds of age. You can do it if you reall want to!!:wink2:
  10. by   safta24
    Good for you, age is secondary to all that matters, the time will pass by no matter waht & instead you will be gaining the opportunity to be
    a great nurse. congratulations on y9ur decision. Enjoy the road to
    a wonderful life time job.
    Good luck
  11. by   PJ57
    I went back to school in the LPN program when I was 45. It took me a little while to get back into the study mode, but I don't regret one minute. I have wanted to be a nurse since I was 3. Life happened along the way and after working in an office for 22years I got my chance. I am loving every minute of my work, though sometimes dealing with other staff is trying. The old saying 'nurses eat their young' isn't far off. I was told by my guidance counsellor that mature students do better than teens (most of the time) because we get into nursing because we really want it. I graduated top of my class, and never missed a day at school. Committment paid off - I love being a nurse. It is like living my dream.
  12. by   tanthalas
    I think nursing welcomes all ages and if you really want to become one it shouldn't be a hindering factor.
  13. by   safta24
    Nursing is not just a job it is a life style
    , all ages would welcome the opportunity I'm sure.