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  1. bluekermode

    Who enjoys med/surg??

    Totally agree with you tokmom I like Med/Surg and have rewarding days, it's so interesting. But poor management, politics, lack of leadership, understaffing, over count patients, and lack of staff support have me thinking of other careers. Team work is so important - support your coworkers!
  2. bluekermode

    best canadian province?

    I agree with 5 cats. It depends what your preferences are rural, city, local culture, provincial culture, what you want from your life/work. I'm not sure the wage differences, but 5 cat's noted stickies above. Good luck!
  3. bluekermode

    How many new nurses are seriously thinking about quiting?

    Hey nurseinlimbo Have you thought of public health or other areas of nursing? Those are things I'm thinking of for the long term as I wear down! I don't know your situation but working on a masters means teaching opportunities too. Horrible to think that a person has to factor in burnout in their career/life plans, but that's what I'm doing , can only last so long on the floor with the effects of understaffing etc..as ppl are discussing here. Hope the prn works for you. Take care :nuke:
  4. bluekermode

    Having a rough start... help

    Hi revere308 I'm probably not so much help as I have just completed 1 month on my first job, my head is spinning and I have the notorious startup stress, and what am I doing attacks. As dreamingtree noted then I will be written up too as I have definitely been late with meds. It would have been good if they gave you input during orientation. Maybe they have some policy about orientation. Either way keep on doing your best, hold your head high, don't let this crush you. At this point perhaps you could ask your NM for feedback especially if they didn't give it before? For tips go to the sticky -tips for new grads - in first year nursing - I found it very helpful and like I was not going through things alone. Your not alone in this. You will continue and do well.
  5. bluekermode

    Palliative Bowel Care Question

    Hi earle58 The pts parkinsons drugs have been discontinued and no meds are being given to dry secretions. I appreciate your input.
  6. bluekermode

    Chart too much...

    Hi Dutchgirl RN I chart by exception too, but I do chart patient sleeping on q hourly checks so if something did develop it's covered that I was in there checking resps, type of sleep etc.. but thats just my thing, I agree with covering my butt. Thanks.
  7. bluekermode

    Palliative Bowel Care Question

    Hi there, I would like some experienced input if you please 80 yo, fragile cachectic 88 or so pound, female Pt, hx parkinsons, CHF, dementia. Fell fractured hip then developed bronchopneumonia so moved from multilevel care to acute care (small hospital ~ 25 beds) - now for about two weeks. Total care, LOC is greatly decreased, eyes open/closed no verbal response. Restless moaning periodically followed by sleep. Only 2 positions to reposition on as pt can not tolerate others, stiffness, known R hip pain, etc. DNR level 3 Morphine prn given for pain/restless periods, lasix, KCL given as K levels 3.3 mmol/L. Hep locked so no IV fluids as was developing pulmonary edema, rebreather at 9L to keep O2 sats at 92%, Nebs ATC q 4 hrs & pulmicort BID. Foley ~ 450 ml dark amber urine per 12 hour shift. Family very involved, pt is dying but they are holding on waiting for daughter to come from overseas to say good bye. Question: Patient is NG tube ensure nutritional drink 4 cans over 24 hrs. Patient has laxatives scheduled - docusate sodium 100mg BID and Senna 16 mg OD. Yes this dying person is having morphine 2-4 mg q 2-4 hrs but at this point should the pt be on these laxatives? How much fecal material can be produced from ensure? Docusate sodium is an emollient drawing water into the intestines. Senna is a stimulant can also increase fluid in the colon and perhaps this lady could find increased peristalsis painful. These fluid shifts could cause more problems with K losses and other electrolytes? plus dehydration. Perhaps this is an obvious question, not sure, I don't feel right about it, I'm a new graduate working 1 month so my head is spinning in circles. I'd love your input. No I haven't asked the MD about this there was a Dr. switch and I have just had this Pt two days but I held the Laxitives, some nurses are giving them some not. Sitting here thinking about this tonight. Any input would be greatly illuminating. I haven't found anything in my texts or the web yet. Thank you.
  8. bluekermode

    "Women Are Catty"

    I like peach pies essay. I have mostly worked with men in resource based industries and found that yes they do gossip too, but that it was quite easy to "have it out" with them, say what you think, disagree, argue your case (respectfully) etc.. face to face and then move on - like water off a ducks back (whether an agreement is reached or not). I find working with women more tricky in that respect, there tends to be more reactivity I think. Perhaps some of this is related to poor work environment? Level of professional behaviour expected? not sure. I like the straight forward approach myself. I saw a mix of professional and non professional behaviour in my clinicals in the female dominated field of nursing. Interesting topic.
  9. bluekermode

    Would you hire me back if you were them?

    I would hire you. I would interview first. That should happen anyway, then you can detail your long time connection with the hospital and how having you there is a benefit for the patients and hospital! Along with an explaination of what happened in the past, and how you have changed. Short and sweet and factual though. Good luck :)
  10. bluekermode

    Registering for CRNE

    Hi I assume that you finished your education in Ontario. When you registered with the RNAO there should have been paper work regarding an exam application and locations - and you would remember this as a fee is involved ! $492.43 for the RN examination fee and $36.75 for a membership application fee (last one may be different in Ontario). In BC they send an exam confirmation notice and information regarding the exam plus verifying the location that you choose to write it. Plus other information - whats allowed, length of exam, resources, ID, etc. I would phone the RNAO and inquire about your application etc. The next RN exam date is June 4/2008 across the country. Maybe they don't have your correct contact address? You probably filled out a form in the application for a temporary licence to practice as a graduate nurse too. Good luck:specs:
  11. bluekermode

    ADVICE?--Is school really that difficult.

    Hey nicole67 If this is your dream then go for it. What help me get through was to: Be very organized, large calendar with assignment due dates, clinical times etc. (those cheap, large $2.00 calendars from e.g. staples). Study study study. Understand how you learn and use this strength (are you mostly a visual learner or do you do well with listening to lectures - most ppl are a mix but e.g. I am a strong visual learner). Some ppl like flash cards, some don't - figure out what works for you. Study to understand the material not just by rote. Try to relax, it's harder to learn when your feeling uptight. Remember you are human. What can I say but the usual - eat well, sleep, try to get some exercise and fun, talk with friends for venting and suppport, be your own person. Good luck in your travels in life!
  12. Hello all Interesting conversations - my two cents (while the penny still exists) I am a graduate nurse from a two year course. I obviously have a degree (and some other education too!), and took the prerequisite courses to get into the two year program. The people in my class had a variety of degrees, but of course we all had to meet the prerequisites for nutrition, statistics, microbiology, anatomy & physiology etc. It would not have made sense for me to go into a four year program as my first two years would have been sparse pickings course wise as I have worked and completed the credits/courses already. For example in the first semester I would have had two courses (yes I could have worked and done it that way but I needed to make a living, and I'm not getting any younger, and why really if you have done the work and can accomplish this in two years). I have an interest in nursing otherwise I wouldn't have gone into this field as a second career. I would have liked to have stayed in my first career but as people are finding often one has to change careers a couple of times in life, as economics, resources, global trade and unexpected changes occur across a lifespan and in the world. The people in my class had a variety of goals upon completion from peds, medsurg, research, community etc. Thats the lovely thing about nursing so many areas to go into to meet ones lifes interests, attain goals (such as helping people maybe) and to make a living - cause thats important too! Management people are required also - just a fact of life. I've noticed in the Globe & Mail and Vancouver Sun that nursing management postions have been in high demand for quite a while. Well that was my two cents Ciao bella's and bello's, have a nice weekend.
  13. bluekermode

    regarding age entering nursing

    If you have the desire to go into nursing then go for it. Probably a good idea to do some research about different areas of nursing first. I am just graduating and am in my early forties. I had to make a career change due to lack of work in my previous profession which paid well and I loved it but c'est la vie. Inbetween at the time I could only find retail. On my feet all day for wages that a person can't possibly live on, no sick days, no paid vacation, and abusive people, plus it's just not my thing. At least in nursing you get a living wage, diversity, choice in life etc. Curious why you want to leave teaching. Maybe you could do some nursing courses (even prereqs like anatomy and physiology) while your still working to test the waters? I decided to go for it as I have always been interested in this field. That being said I am definitely aware of energy levels, take good care of myself, eat well, etc. I found energy shifts when I was about 39. I anticipate moving into different areas of nursing as I age but I want to build a good base first. Most of my class was about 26 years old but I enjoyed them, and like any group of people there are mixes of personalities. Good luck with your choice, and enjoy life.
  14. Hello I know that in Western Canada there are second degree entry options (~ 2 year programs) at UBC in Vancouver, U of A in Edmonton, U of C - Calgary and U of S in Saskatoon. As for particulars you would have to do some digging! Be prepared to meet the prerequisites and work your fanny off! Good luck on your travels in life.
  15. bluekermode

    I was a ______ prior to being a nurse/student nurse

    It's very interesting seeing what ppl did before nursing. So many experiences and so much to offer! I was an animal health technologist in my 20's (very interesting but I needed more and this field has a traditional high turnover rate). A Forester in my 30's - Loved it but in time Global changes, Global warming changes, and government cuts = no jobs! Actually I did consider nursing at this time but it was the 90's and nursing jobs were being cut like crazy So.... Social services certificate but .......OMG more government cuts! (and not enough money to live on). And now I am just about done my Accelerated Nursing degree in my mid 40's. There are a lot of jobs in nursing and it's well paid enough for a roof, food and extra. Continuous learning which is great. Doing something positive and interesting. Yes stress too - but after an unfortunate stint in retail due to no jobs in my profession and no choice - I found that (not much to my suprise) low paying, retail jobs require a lot of work and are very stressful and have no benefits etc.. (and many jobs are stressfull) So that was a no brainer to go into debt to go back to school! NB remember to be nice to retail ppl - especially at christmas as ppl go all freaky at that time of year. :icon_wink:
  16. Hello - I'm a fourth year nursing student I'm doing a presentation on nurses and technology in an issues class. The way I see it nurses use all types of technology from computers, PDA's and the internet etc.. And I think this is an important part of nursing and to promote nurses as professionals and leaders. I think not being able to use the internet for research or client teaching information at work sets nurses back. Doctors and other medical professionals use this knowledge base. I am curious if the experienced nurses out there have had clients ask about useful websites, and if most nurses have internet access. I have seen some older posts regarding internet access but didn't see if nurses are being asked about internet information by patients, or if patients are bringing information in for nurses to look at to see if it's from reliable sites. Any comments would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.