PRC Case Form

  1. Hi i need a copy of the PRC case form requirements(major,minor,actual,assist and cord care). if anyone can send me please do. i really need it badly, thanks a lot
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  3. by   ricph
    Hi winterfairy, I think I sent you an email attachment of the PRC form about 2 weeks ago. Were you able to receive it?
    Im going to send another copy to the email address you sent me thru Private Messaging.
  4. by   pinkstrawbreeze
    i also needed one...pls? i might lose all my cases coz they're in loose sheets of paper.
  5. by   anakat_evangelista
    can i have one too? i need it too.. thanks
  6. by   testosterone55
    Would you be so kind to send me some prc case forms too? thanks and godbless
  7. by   PH-RN
    i want 1 too..

  8. by   spongebob6286
    I still have with me my prc case forms.but I'm not sure if the format would still be the same for this year(mine is last june07)i heard(during my time)had their forms handwritten.our school gave us ready made format of prc cases.
  9. by   lenjoy03
    you know, there are alot of future nurses here who usually ask for the case form. NOw I ask you, what's your coordinator doing?? THe school should provide you with the case form sample! Are you not aware of that? There are standard form but the info on the case form, the place where you had your completion is different and the license number of managers concern. And the school info as well! NOw why ask for it from other school? DId they go to the same hospital as you? Why not ask your level coordinator or school for that?

    i also needed one...pls? i might lose all my cases coz they're in loose sheets of paper
    Whether its written in a lose paper, make it your responsibility to photocopy it so that if one gets lost, you still have a copy. And why isn't your school giving you a case form since 3rd year? they should have provided their student with that!

    Even if the PRC have changed the format, still your school should have known that and informed you already. WHen I was in College, the school provided us with a sample of PRC forms where we can make it as a scratch for our cases. Then in 4th yr, they gave us a soft copy of the format for us to type our cases and we send it back to them so that they can print it out and ask the DON,managers, doctors concern to sign it.
  10. by   khatrinepapa
    i need a prc forms pls do send me!..tnx!!
  11. by   gemini_star
    It is better to get the format from your school clinical coordinator in order to have the right format and proper documentation of your school information. Your CI will gladly help you on these. You can also ask the format or file from previous batch or graduates from your school.
  12. by   lenjoy03
    gemini_star is right. Each school has different info and the names of the concern people who will sign it. Different accreditation number, year, cases, different from hospitals/institution where you had your cases and different managers who signs it. Your school will provide it for you!!! How come you guys still ask for the format even if your questions have been answered many many times?
  13. by   muerto
    ei can anyone send me a prc form? pls?:bowingpur
  14. by   joannachoa
    can anyone send me a copy of the prc form? please thank you