Pilot program for overseas testing of NCLEX - page 3

Official word has finally come out that beginning Janaury, 2005, there will be three pilot test centers opened. London, Hong Kong and Seoul are the three sites picked on a trial basis. No word yet... Read More

  1. by   presC.
    suzanne, thanks for the wonderful infos you shared. will take note the places you've been referring to visit to. i'm kind of excited to visit hk, at the same time sooo nervous to sit for the exam.. anyway, it's going to be on june 8. wish me all the best.

    thanks again for your time.

    *just finished visited the site and able to decide for 2 hotels (but not final yet) shamrock hotel & the other one is panda hotel. both are in kowloon. (are these 2 hotels clean?) my exam's in central hk. but the place there's too costly.

    again, all infos/tips for those who took the nclex in hk already kindly share where hotel/apartelle you stayed? will also appreciate if you'll write their website for further reviews.

    thanks in a bunch...
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  2. by   suzanne4
    I have never had a problem with any hotel on their site.
  3. by   hopeful_nurse
    not sure where you live but the test has always been available in guam and saipan. a us tourist visa is not required for saipan to take the test.

    glad that i made someone smile today.

    hi ms szanne you said on the above statement that a us visa is not required for saipan. i am confused pls help because i've read and from other allnurse members that a visa or a vep is required . pls help thanks
  4. by   lawrence01
    Very old thread as well.