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Hi, I just got a job as a patient sitter and it pays 15 $ Canadian per hr during days and 16 $ per hour on nights Is this an average rate of pay for a "patient sitter" type of job? I was just... Read More

  1. by   mcknis
    Thats great money for us here in OHIO as a sitter! As an aide we sit more than others, but we do have designated pt sitters that we utilize. i do not like having some of the pt sitters around because they are not allowed to do anything for the pt. We often place the sitters in with suicidal pts, ODs, LOL and LOM who climb OOB. Just really upseting when you have to go in and calm a pt or protect a pt from hurting themselves, when your other pts need you just as much.
  2. by   amandafromhaha
    I just got a call today from a hospital wanting to interview me for a patient care sitter. When working at the hospital, do you normally hire you when they want an interview? Any pointers on what to say, not say?
  3. by   HeartsOpenWide
    Our aids don't even get paid that much.
  4. by   tlm514
    I am currently in nursing school. I have one year left until I am an RN. I applied at a hospital for a nurse tech position and did not get an offer but they notified me about a sitter position. Should I take this or look for something that will give me more experience. I feel like it will be a step down from clinical.
  5. by   tiroka03
    Quote from Alpha13
    Consdering you do as much as the old guy who stands at the front of the walmart, that's a good wage.
    I agree, there are a lot of people who basically care for themselves, and forget about the patient, and in effect do nothing. But, lately I have seen quite a few really good sitters. I wonder if that's because of our economy, people need to actually do their job. Or, finally some people are coming into these spots who have some intregrity.

    As far as the orginal question goes. I used to live next to Canada, and I know a couple of years ago, your money was worth quite a bit less than ours. So, I would like to know what you are being paid in US dollars. I know it will be less then $15 an hour.

    There are regular sitting jobs, and then there are the patients who are big problems. If you get one of them, I think that you will feel, you put in a month of hard work into just one night. It isn't anything I would ever want to do, - but if you think you have the personality for it - go for it. I know a lot of people really like it.
  6. by   mochamonster
    Actually, $15 Canadian is about $15.57 or so in US dollars.
  7. by   NurseL189
    I work as a PCA at a local hospital in Ontario. We get many call in's to "sit" with patients. We get paid our normal wage of $21/hr plus extra if you work nights or weekends
  8. by   beckster_01
    Maybe I should move across the lake to Ontario. If your PCA's get 21/hour what do the nurses make??!?
  9. by   Miller86
    Quote from beckster_01
    Maybe I should move across the lake to Ontario. If your PCA's get 21/hour what do the nurses make??!?
    Yeah at my hospital they pay 20/21 an hour and more for nights! I make 30/hr but that's after 4 years of nursing school. Had I known I could get that type of gig...maybe I would have made different choices!

    To OP: TAKE THE JOB!! You'll get to see some interesting patients.
  10. by   NurseL189
    RPN's start at 25 and RN's start at 29..Considering the PSW course is only 9 months and you make a little less than RPN's..I would say it's definately worth every penny.