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  1. amandafromhaha


    Where more to find the best advise about a UPPP then from a bunch of nurses?!!! Any of you know much about them? Today I was referred to a surgeon and I want to know about what all you nurses have seen regarding this surgery. Is it an overnight stay? Thanks! Amanda
  2. amandafromhaha

    NCLEX ....skills.

    Is the NCLEX just questions or does it have a "skills portion" like the CNA test?
  3. amandafromhaha

    Obsessed with nursing? is that possible?

    Thanks! I really hope I get it too because I am in desperate need of a job. Right now I am a............telemarketer..............i sell organic grass seed. I want to go back to the hospitals! I loveee hospitals!
  4. amandafromhaha

    Should I be a CNA -- I'm 44yrs old!!! Is it too late for me?

    I'm only 19 years old and im a CNA. I think you'll love it. I love it! I don't think it's "to late" because CNA's are a great part of the "health care team" and if you like helping people, its probably going to work out for ya!! I am going to get my RN this fall =] I am kind of having the same issue with "am I too young to start a career?" My parents think I am, I am the same age as your son. What do you think?
  5. amandafromhaha

    Anyone going beyond their CNA license??

    Most definitely. I love health care. I am obsessed with it. If you want to, read my blog in the "student nursing discussion" its called "obsessed with nursing, is that possible?" It's talking about my life and how far I want to go in healthcare =]
  6. amandafromhaha

    CNA training..How long?

    Here in North Carolina....you do not have to have formal training. I did a two day course. I challenged the test and passed it. I failed the skills portion the first time because I was ambulating her and forgot her shoes.(not a real patient, another student)..
  7. amandafromhaha

    Obsessed with nursing? is that possible?

    I just got a call from a hospital in SC wanting to interview me for patient care sitter. Anyone know what they do? I know they have to be a CNA, obviously because I am one. BUT I never heard of them!!!! Anyone know what the pay is?
  8. amandafromhaha

    Patient Sitter - Is 15 $ an hour good?

    I just got a call today from a hospital wanting to interview me for a patient care sitter. When working at the hospital, do you normally hire you when they want an interview? Any pointers on what to say, not say?
  9. amandafromhaha

    Obsessed with nursing? is that possible?

    I too have been studying random things I can find to :-)
  10. amandafromhaha

    Obsessed with nursing? is that possible?

  11. amandafromhaha

    Obsessed with nursing? is that possible?

    Sometimes old fashioned is the best way! I'm only 19 years old and I get along better with "older' people. I think it was because I was home schooled. And I agree with you, a calling is probably a better way of saying it!!!! :yelclap:
  12. amandafromhaha

    Charlotte - CMC vs Presby?

    I don't know much about the pay but I worked at CMC and made 11.33 as a CNA. BOTH are great hospitals though. Sorry for my lack of info!
  13. amandafromhaha

    NC CNA Books

    I would suggest getting the actual CNA book from (below website) http://www.asisvcs.com/indhome.asp?CPCAT=0734NURSE and also, youtube has a lot of videos. It's actually an easy test to pass! I did it!
  14. amandafromhaha

    Online TEAS entrance exam study

    Is TEAS scored in sections?
  15. amandafromhaha

    Obsessed with nursing? is that possible?

    Oh wow, that's really cool. And your right, I didn't mention my *future* patients. I should have, but I really do care about them. I worked in the hospital and then got a job offer with better pay in home health so I took it. I loved all of my patients. :-) thank you for your insight, it's nice to have someone to talk to about my nursing! :-)