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Hello Fellow Canadian Nurses; I am a new grad nurse who graduated from a university program in Ontario. I initially became registered with the College of Nurses of Ontario and I decided to work... Read More

  1. by   silverhalide
    I am an American and have an interest in moving to Montreal. As far as jobs, will the hospitals help you through the process or are you pretty much on your own?
  2. by   Silverdragon102
    Hospitals will help but I don't think the paperwork was too dificult (we didn't find it) but you do need to be fluent in French
  3. by   Teachchildren123
    You have to contact the OIIQ (get the info on the web, phone number and all, very poor info in English!)
    They have to send you the paperwork to fill out, it is a real nightmare to accumulate the info in general... It is a test of perseverance!
    In my case, it might have been more difficult since they need the hours of clinical, lab and class and my nursing school being a hospital-base school as closed down, therefore the only person that had this info was a 70s some y.o. teacher that is in the Alumni... lucky her phone number was in the book...!
    Then, they send me the wrong paperwork asking for the last 3 years of hours worked in nursing but they needed the last 5 years...:angryfire
    You have to call them frequently to see if they received your paperwork, what is needed...
    By the grace of the superior being, one advice:
    get a number for your file from them so they can find you easily when you call, because, you will never talk to the same person!!:angryfire!
    Have them call you back with answers, so you save the long distance... if you have problems, ask (like I did) to talk to their supervisor.
    If I can do it, so can you!
    Don't waste time faxing: it has to be mailed.
    I purchased their Study guide for the examination to study... I had to brush up on peds and mother-baby stuff.
    I started to send my papers last may, and now they were supposed to call me 2 weeks ago, to tell me if my education was recognized by them.... I am calling them Monday...
    I have been a critical care nurse for the last 7-8 years... and NY state has been recognized to make good nurses....
    Well, good luck!
    PS The exam is not offered everywhere in English in Quebec, I think that they offer it only in Montreal. Put this question on your list!

    Be ready for a huge cut in pay: I meet with the DON of an hospital and I will lose at least 10$/hr plus shift differential, and specialized rate (ICU: RN2). Besides the exchange rate from US to Canadian!
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  4. by   chrisstine
    I just applied with the oiiq, and submitted all forms to nursing school here in Florida, the FL Board of Health,and
    my employer. I just hope I dont get fired. I thought the form to be filled out by current employer is really strange, because my job may just fire me because theythink I'm leaving. The application for Ontario is worse. First of all, the form to submit to your employer is more detaiiled and also asks A LOT of detailed questions about you personally, for the employer to answer. Secondly, the Ontario board requires you to take the actual licensing exam before you can practice, they dont have an equivalency license. So first you have to prove your education(in my case, in the US), JUST to be able to sit for the nursing board exam. At least in Quebec, they give you equivalency and you are given a temp nurse license for up to 3 years, or until you pass their French equivalency exam. So far the OIIQ have been very friendly to deal with, but now I'm waiting to see how they process my application. I hope it goes smoothly. I'm a little discouraged by what I have read on this forum, but I'm trying to stay positive, .I'm from Montreal and want to return after living in the US for 25 years.
  5. by   linzz
    I have family in Montreal, on both my side and my spouse's side. They keep bugging us to come there however I don't speak any french and neither does my spouse even though he is from a french family. He just decided he was never going to learn french, he even refused to send our kids to french school or even immersion. The other issue is that I am not an RN.

    I can see why the language requirement is such a problem for people to meet it.
  6. by   bleuboy09
    the previous posts have been very informative for me and though there were some bad points, i'd still see the good ones. anyway, i'll be starting to process everything for quebec equivalence. my worry is that are there employers taking international applicants who are just on the process of the equivalence program? that is my worry since the application costs too much. any advice?? thanks
  7. by   canadiangradschoolrn
    Im not sure if any of you are aware of a new initiative to allow for easy transfer of qulifications from one province to another. Its in the stage of being implemented. Once it is implemented, it will be easier to move between province and have licences recognized immediately.
  8. by   LPNChris
    Hi there,

    I just moved to Quebec with my husband b/c he got posted here with the military.....anyways, I was an LPN in Nova Scotia and did my education there as well. I am wondering if anyone out there knows the name of the license I need to get here. I keep calling the Nusing Licensing Board here and no one returns my calls So I am turning to you all for some info/help !

    Thanks !!!!
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