Nurses in Vancouver,which hospital?

  1. Hi there!..any nurses here working in Vancouver?..I'm planning to migrate to Canada from the UK.Any idea which hospital you think is the best to work in?.I've heard about Vancouver general hospital, which I believe is one of the busiest hospitals in this area.I just need to know the nurse patient ratio if you are working in the acute ward.And I'm also wondering if a nurse can afford the cost of living like buying a nice 3-4 bedroom house and a good car in the future.I wish to stay in Canada for good so I hope you could help.Thanks a lot:wink2:
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    Vancouver is one of the most expensive cities in Canada. How much would you think was a fair price for that 3-4 bedroom house? I took a quick peek at the listings within a reasonable commute to VGH and found that the most resaonably priced homes are about 80 years old, slightly run-down and are priced between between $400,000 and $550,000. The British pound closed at $1.7791 today so that would equate to about 225,000 to 310,0000 pounds. I know real estate in the UK is quite pricy, but mortgages in Canada are calculated differently and that is a lot of money.
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    Thanks for your reply janfrn.I would say its about that much and its quite expensive.The question is,do you think I can afford that with nurses pay in Canada?.I am saving a lot of money before going there,but I am thinking that in the future,I may not make at least extra money for savings if I end up paying my mortgage and my car unless doing some overtime.Any idea which place in vancouver is a bit cheaper to live?.I'd be grateful for your help.thanks!
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    A full time nurse in BC would make about $85,000 a year. If you're a single wage earner, you'd probably qualify for about a $120,000 mortgage, assuming you have no other debts. That's not going to buy much in Vancouver or anywhere on the lower mainland. If you have some time and would like to do some virtual househunting, you can go to , do a property search in the Vancouver area and plug in some numbers. The site has mortgage calculators and other tools. As for where you might find lower priced homes, the farther you are from the ocean the lower the prices.
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    I don't understand how $85,000 per year correlates with about $27 per hour offered to nurses in Vancouver? $27x40hoursx4.5weeksx12months=$58320/year. They, probably pay extra for working on holidays, weekends, and nights. But is it going to be almost 27,000 more?

    I don't think that person who makes $85,000/year will qualify for $120,000 only. That makes no sense. Are there a lot of people who make $300,000/year (to qualify for $500,000 mortgage)?
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    According to the Provincial Collective Agreement between health employers association of BC and Nurses' Bargaining Association, full-time Registered Nurses Level 1 First year to Level 1 Ninth year earn $27.85 to $36.56 per hour, $4361 to $5725 per month, $52332 to $68700 per year, respectively. Ofcourse add weekend/nights/evening shift differentials and public holiday entitlements on to this. There is a 4% pay rise from April 2009. The pay here in BC is definitely great.
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    What's your nurse to patient ratios? What do you think about quality of life and working conditions comparing to major Australian cities?
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    Acute Medicine at Vancouver General has a ratio of about 4-5 patients/nurse. Fewer if those patients are very acute. There is usually 1 PCA on the floor. ICU is usually 1:1 or 1:2. Trauma ward is usually 1:2 or 1:3.
    A friend of mine was just approved for $400 000 on a salary of about $100 000 with no outstanding debts.
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    Generally when coming from outside the country the credit history starts all over again. I know when we arrived in Canada from the UK we had to start all over. However we was luck to find a good broker that shopped around for us and found a bank willing to accept us for a mortgage, did help that we was putting 30% down as deposit.

    Compared to the UK some stuff is cheaper, some the same and others more expensive. Gas/petrol is cheaper. Milk I find is a bit more expensive (not a lot but a bit) clothes is varies but have found buying winter clothing cheaper than expected and definitely much warmer.
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    if I may ask, do you know where to apply to Canada if you are in UK? did you use agencies? or did you go through direct to the hospital? any info helps...thanks....
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    Not sure if it were Vancouver you were specifically thinking of relocating to, but
    I used
    It enabled me to access all the main health authorities. I chose Providence Healthcare as my 1st of 3 preferences. I had a casual pre-screen phone call (to determine exactly which hospital and area I wanted), then I had an interview and a job offer all within 3 weeks of submitting my C.V online. (At the time of the interview I was booked in and awaiting to sit the Canadian RN Exam).

    I find the patient-nurse ratios similar in Australia. Quality of life here in Canada is just as wonderful, if not better.
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    Quote from Kosmonavt

    I don't think that person who makes $85,000/year will qualify for $120,000 only. That makes no sense. Are there a lot of people who make $300,000/year (to qualify for $500,000 mortgage)?

    The Canadian banking system is very different from the US. We aren't having the same housing meltdown as our neighbours to the South. No sub-prime mortgages, etc here.

    In areas like the lower mainland, it wasn't unusual to carry two mortgages on one property. I know my parents did and my brother in laws have done it.

    It's only in the last decade that you can buy a house with 0% down payment. Those are the people who will have trouble.

    Factor in the required mortgage insurance most buyers have to carry, you'll see it's a different system from what the US is used to.
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    Quote from christie_DM
    if I may ask, do you know where to apply to Canada if you are in UK? did you use agencies? or did you go through direct to the hospital? any info helps...thanks....
    You will have better luck finding a employer once you have gone through the college and got permission to sit the CRNE. Then I would say it is a case of contacting hospitals in the areas you want to live. Most if not all will have had some dealings with IEN and be aware on the process