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Hi! I am new to the internet , I am currently studying Div.2 Nursing and would love to hear from anyone with stories, advice, anything Thanks... Read More

  1. by   NurseRachy
    Welcome to the boards kezanjel. I wish you well in your studies.
    Rachel @}-->-------
  2. by   nakitamoon
    ,, welcome,,, kezanjel,,, so nice to meet you,,,

    pull up your chair,,, you are in the company of some wonderful ppl,,, have a great one,,, nik~
  3. by   kezanjel
    Dear Everyone,
    WOW! I cant believe how nice everyone is on this site. Thank you all for your responses.
    Grace I have to answer back to your reply, it was not only a great message that I will apply to nursing but one that I will apply to life. You must not only be a wonderful nurse but a wonderful person also. Thank you sincerly for your reply, I will keep a copy of it in my diary always.
    If the nurses I come across when I start working are like any of the nurses I have met on this site, then I dont think I have anything to be worried about, thank you all.
    p.s. I passed both tests and on my first assignment (cells) I got 99.5 %!
  4. by   Love-A-Nurse
  5. by   Love-A-Nurse
    originally posted by kezanjel
    p.s. i passed both tests and on my first assignment (cells) i got 99.5 %!

    way to go!
  6. by   renerian
    Most of the time LOL, we are all nice! Glad your enjoying it.

  7. by   Aussienurse2
    Originally posted by Grace Oz
    Kezanjel, WELCOME to allnurses AND the nursing profession!... don't allow anyone to tell you being an Enrolled Nurse is anything less than a NURSE! Throughout your nursing experience you will come across those who think they know it all, those who wish they knew it all & SOME who know a little! There has always been people with negative attitudes in the nursing profession. Those who, by reasons of opportunity and/or choice, were able to study for the register as opposed to the roll, often think they're "better" or "real" nurses, compared to Enrolled Nurses. In all walks of life, people make decisions based on information available to them and/or according
    to their own individual circumsances at the time.
    I've been nursing for 34 years, so I'm fairly well qualified to comment, I feel. There always has been & there always will be,a place for both Enrolled AND Registered nurses. Both streams of practise have something positive & essential to contribute to the nursing profession as a whole.
    Stand tall, be proud, listen & learn, work hard & keep abreast of current practices & procedures. Maintain your own health, both mental as well as physical. Nurture a sense of humour & self educate, read books, watch documentaries. Learn & grow. Keep a kind heart, remember to always treat both your patients & fellow nurses as you yourself would wish to be treated. Whenever someone starts with the negative comments, hit them with a positive! You are a valuable member of the health care team, you are a colleague, no matter the title! Respect has to be earnt, always remember that. Just as you must earn the respect of others, so too must THEY earn it, no matter the title!...
    Conduct yourself with dignity at all times, never allow anyone to put you down or make "light" of your role & the job you do. You will come to see, there are nurses, and there are "nurses", in both levels of the profession.
    GOOD LUCK with your new career & remember, always believe in YOU!....
    Just felt that was worth repeating! We are an integral part of the nursing team and have many pathways of opportunity open to us! Good luck with your studies and welcome to the board!:kiss
  8. by   kezanjel
    Dear Aussienurse2,
    I think that Graces message was great, I have let some other nursing students read it and they were just as impressed, not only good advice for nursing but life. Thanks for the hello.
    I do my aged care placement after the holidays and I can't wait!. I think it is going to be quite an experiance for me.
    Thanks again for the reply, Kezanjel
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  10. by   hairbear73
    yeah i've finally got activated... kezangel i'm doing div 2 too so hopefully we can help each other out. :roll :roll
  11. by   kezanjel
    Howdy Nightmoon and Hairbear, I hope we can help each other out to. Does anyone recommend any threads to look at? There are so many and by the time I look through three or four my times up and I haven't typed anything.
    Kezanjel xxxxx
  12. by   Shamrock
    Welcome Kezanjel, I'm new too.
  13. by   kezanjel
    Dear Shamrock,
    Have you finished your studies yet? If you have how did you go? Is it what you expected? I am also new to the internet so it has been difficult trying to work it all out. Its amazing how the time just flies.
    Thanks for the welcome and I love your moose, is it bullwinkle?