Need some Advice for "CGFNS Preparation"

  1. Hello to my all fellow Filipino Nurses... I need some advice for the preparation of CGFNS Examinaion that I will be taking next year for the month of March 14, 2007. Is it really recommended to take a review on review centers/ apply on review centers? specifically the Comprehensive Review + Final review (1month) before the Exam? I'm planning to review on RA Gapuz Review Center by next year on Cebu City cause there are lots of feedback that RA Gapuz is a Good Review Center when it comes on preparing for CGFNS Exam and others..

    On the other hand, i also have 3 books which are Lippincott's Review for NCLEX-RN, Kaplan NCLEX-RN (2004-2005 Edition), and Jaypee's Comprehensive Review for CGFNS, can i use this for CGFNS Reference/ preparation? Which is better i'll study/ prepare by my own and just take the Final Coaching Reviews? or Simply Take the Comprehensive Review + Final review (1month) on RA GAPUZ Review Center?

    By the way i'm from Zamboanga City so far St. Louis Review Center is the only center here which offers review for CGFNS. Is St. Louis Review Center also a good choice? Any Advice/ Feedback will be appreciated, Thanks...
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  4. by   lawrence01
    Hi, Ramil. Welcome to

    May we know what State you plan to work? Have you actually applied already for the CGFNS certification (exam)?
  5. by   Ramil2k7
    Thank You for the Warm Welcome. Yes i already applied for CGFNS Certification and im planning to work in Miami Florida USA.
  6. by   batasMTR_RN
    FLorida does not need CGFNS exam, only Credential Evaulation (CES) do you really want to take CGFNS exam? well if you do, then just read and read and read... know the many concepts... and you have lots of time since i believe you will take it come MArch?? am i right?

    well, testmanship (or answering questions with rationales) helps a lot...

    hope this helps..
  7. by   lawrence01
    Quote from Ramil2k7
    Thank You for the Warm Welcome. Yes i already applied for CGFNS Certification and im planning to work in Miami Florida USA.
    Don't want to burst your bubble but Florida doesn't need CGFNS Certification. It only needs their Credential Eval'tn Service (CES).

    I would recommend to you to read Suzanne's "Primer" above. It will guide you through everything and it also ha a collection of links you should know.

    You may go to Florida's website and read their requirements.

    If I were you I would just go for the CES if it isn't too late already. They do refunds or cancel by the way.
  8. by   suzanne4
    I would also stay away from that review center that you mentioned, they were at the center of the cheating controversy with the NLE exam in June.

    And if you are going to work in Florida, not sure why you are even considering that exam, it is not needed and you will be throwing away money. Suggest that you have CGFNS apply the funds to the CES or the VSC.
  9. by   Ramil2k7
    Thanks, so.. is it recommended to attend and review at Centers for CGFNS? or a self-review is much better.
  10. by   lawrence01
    I think what we are trying to say is to stay away from local review centers and just do the CES per req't of the Florida BON and not do the CGFNS exam anymore.
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    Quote from Ramil2k7
    Thanks, so.. is it recommended to attend and review at Centers for CGFNS? or a self-review is much better.

    you asked for an advice and yet you are still not listening to what they are

    trying to tell you.
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    lol i already applied for CGFNS Exam and Florida is just one of my plan where i want to work someday, in addition the purpose why i want to take the CGFNS Exam is to have a full access to various States in US and to assess my chances of Passing the US registered nurse licensing Exam (NCLEX-RN).

    Im asking for an advice, Is it necessary to attend Local review centers and its full course being offered? Or a Self-review/ Self-preparation would be much better? lol i hope i make things clear right now Thanks.
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    Stay away from local review centers, esp. those implicated on the current nursing controversy. Foreign employers are aware of what is happening in the Philippines. They maybe even more aware of what is happening than the common nurse.

    We also do not recommend applying for the CGFNS Certification (exam) before deciding w/c state/s you would consider working in. The 1st decision should always be w/c state/s would you be considering because majority of State BON or BRN do not actually need it and those State BON/BRN who does not need the CGFNS certification will let you follow their own set of req'ts w/c could be the CES (NJ, Fl, etc..) CVS (NY) or they can evaluate your credentials (transcripts and/or licenses) on their own (CA, NM, VT)

    If that state does not specifically say that they will accept the CGFNS Certification in lieu of the CES then they will let you do the CES or whatever their req't is regardless of you having the CGFNS certification or not.

    Some BON/BRN will say that if you have a CGFNS Certification you can submit it together w/ the application but if they didn't say that they will accept that in lieu of their own req'ts then you will have to give them their respective set of req'ts as well.

    A good example is NY. They will require you the CVS for NY no matter what. As long as you are a foreign-trained nurse you will have to undergo CVS for NY. Does not even matter if you already passed the NCLEX or is licensed already in NM or VT; they will still require you to apply for CVS for NY.

    Another example is CA BRN. They have a statement in their application packet that you may furnish them a copy of your CGFNS certification if you have one but you will still have to give them your transcripts for evaluation (CA BRN only requires that your school send them your transcripts for evaluation for a foreign nurse to be made eligible).

    And if you failed the CGFNS exam (knock on wood) what then? You have delayed yourself when the State/s you were considering only required you to do a credential evaluation in the 1st place.

    I have many friends that all applied for the CGFNS Certification w/o even having an idea w/c State they will go eventually. They thought that once they have that Certification it will be automatically accepted in lieu of whatever State BON's req'ts are. Not true.

    What happened to them? Some failed but didn't re-take it anymore since they eventually realized that the state they want to go didn't need it anyway so why waste the money again. They could have saved that money for paying Pearson-vue's registration and Intl' fee ($350 total) and just needed some more for the airfare and accomodations.

    Some were rostered after they were made eligible for the NCLEX (and passed); they still took it because it was already paid or couldn't cancel anymore because it was too late but also realized that since they already passed the NCLEX exam the results of the CGFNS exam wouldn't matter anymore.

    I'm sure their are only a handful of states you are considering. Goodluck.
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    thank you for your the idea [color=#330000]lawrence01..