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Let me clear up any misconceptions or bad information that you have. In order to write the NCLEX exam, you must have a letter called an ATT letter (Authorization to Test) from the Board of Nursing... Read More

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    Quote from donty8
    hi suzanne,

    i just want to know if passing the local board exam is required before i could be qualified to take the nclex exam?

    Thank you in advance. God bless.
    I highly recommend reading the sticky Suzanne's Primer thoroughly and the other active threads 1st because your query has been answered countless times already.

    Likewise, it is advisable that if you have a question specific for Suzanne you can post it directly to her dedicated thread: Questions for Suzanne4 so that she can easily find it.

    Thank you for understanding. :wink2:
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    Closing this thread. Thank you for understanding. :wink2: