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Morning all. I have a question for the guys and gals who have arrived in the US already... Realistically, how much money do you NEED to have when you arrive for starting phone line, deposits etc...... Read More

  1. by   ukrn2ca
    Quote from cariad
    it all depends who you work for over here. the hourly rate can be as low as $24 and overtime after 40 hours worked a week.
    in california, after 8 hours they have to pay you overtime, but even then it depends on whether the hospital is part of the californian nurses union. so you can earn a lot more money in california.
    the state tax is higher there as well.
    I am working with a travel nurse right now who is getting $38 for arizona. I am doing a travel assignment as well and getting nowhere near that, but have earned $35 plus housing and a car in nevada and in california. it was 4 nights a week so plenty to be earned.
    in california it was 2 x 16 hour shifts and an 8 hour shift, but with time and a half for 16 of those hours.
    so as you can see theres money to be made but you have to work your contract first and then decide who you work for and how much you want to earn.
    My contract is for $30 an hour increased after 3 months. I will be on 3, 12 hour day shifts a week, I know I will be paid overtime as & when but not sure about the after 8 hours thing I did'nt know anything about that, would be nice if it applies to me though. Is there a rough guide to how much tax I might pay eg, a % of salary for married person. Is there an average figure for health care a month eg, $200-$600 I haven't got a clue & what other stoppages might I expect! could you give me an idea please.
    Many thanks, ukrn2ca
  2. by   cariad
    it all depends on the hospital that you will be working at as to whether they will pay the overtime after 8 hours. not sure but I think that some hospitals are not unionised, so they get away with getting their nurses to accept a decent wage for all of the 12 hour shift. california nurses usually earn a lot more than $30 an hour, but so will you eventually.
    theres state tax, federal tax, a medicare tax, and it all depends who and what you claim for on your taxes. theres tax on things that you buy, and in california, if you buy cans or plastic, ie....cans of coke or bottles of lemonade, they tax you on that as well. its a recycling tax that arnie has introduced. the same goes for your health insurance as to how many people you are putting on it, and what kind of deal that the hospital will give you.
  3. by   suespets
    Where in the states are you moving? I'm in wisconsin, & couldn't belive the prices quoted to you? 400 for a phone? 5000,dep for car(what, a bmw?)careful if buying insurance for not working, most deals you have to have been off work 2-3 months before you can collect,I hear. Phone hook up was appx 75 $ . don't remember any charge for gas nor electric You could call each utility & see. sue
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