latest news- retake!

  1. according to PGMA there will be a retake..
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  3. by   musee
    yah, but PRC still does not want to implement it still. the PRC chairman says that only the supreme court could dictate it...
  4. by   K-Ann
    ita was actually an ORDER from the president. PRC cannot say no.
  5. by   pinoy_guy

    he said the labor department will soon announce when the exams are to be held. the prc and the labor department will also decide whether all those who took the affected exams will be asked to undergo the retakes, ermita added.

    gma orders new exams for nurses in some places

    president gloria macapagal arroyo yesterday ordered the professional regulation commission to administer new licensing exams to nurses in the areas where tests questions had been leaked as the best way to repair the damage caused by the cheating.

    but executive secretary eduardo ermita said the new exam would only be administered to examinees in the review centers or areas where the leaks had been established.

    . . .

    labor secretary arturo brion will meet shortly with prc officials to determine which examinees would be required to retake the test.

    ermita said brion and prc officials would also decide whether the new test applied only to subjects where the questions had been leaked.
    another can of will they determine who got the leakage? subpeona the list of enrollees at the review centers? what about the people not on the list who got copies from friends who enrolled in review centers?

    why not just a retake for everybody, as cgfns suggested?
  6. by   Rep
    I hope this is good news because reading the news makes me wonder how are they going to do it and when they are still thinking who are going to take the exams, etc.

    Instead of saying that everybody will take the exam they are telling now they are still thinking who will take the exams. Nobody knows who benefited from the leakage except those cheaters.

    To be fair and square, have everybody take the retake. For those who passed through hard study will surely pass on the retake. For those who cheat, well, you better study now.

    This is my opinion.
  7. by   joannp
    “as to whether it will be a retake of everything or only the test where there was leakage, or whether it will be only for those who may have taken advantage of the review centers where they had registered, all these details will be discussed by brion and the prc,” ermita told reporters at his weekly briefing in malacaang.
  8. by   jonRNMD
    this is definetely good news for recent graduates of nursing in our motherland
  9. by   FELICCI
    it took time before it sank in to my brain that there will be a retake...i heard some alrady got their licenses there in manila ryt? would they formulate new questions or get some from the past...oh well i hope no more far out questions this time...and yeah...for me, its still so unfair..i was supposed to start my training on october 1...too sad knowing that i might not be able to push through with all my plans... mixed emotions...but if we try to think about it...why worry? we made it last june then for sure, we can make it this time, but yeah all the wasted time and effort...
  10. by   nanay
    about time!
  11. by   nurse_plush
    so we can't apply for cgfns yet or ces due to this news?
  12. by   khirbz
    Maybe not. I just had an orientation from a staffing agency in the states and they said that they have an order not to accept nurses who passed the june 2006 board exams. They said that the only possible solution would be a retake and that's just it. No other solutions available...
  13. by   pinoy_guy

    the announced retake of the june 2006 nursing board licensure examination is final.

    "this is a final decision of president arroyo in the national interest, and we ask for full cooperation from all the sectors concerned...even as justice takes its course in the relentless probe of the leakage, we appeal to all parties to put their recriminations aside and focus ion a credible and untainted re-take of the exams,"press secretary ignacio bunye said thursday.
    the statement was issued thursday even as bunye took a potshot at professional regulations commission (prc) head leonor tripon-rosero who had earlier denounced malacanang's decision for a re-take of the allegedly "leaked" examination and put the prc under the supervision and control of the labor department.
    amazing, the prc head denouncing her boss's decision.

    we wouldn't be having this problem if she had done the right thing in the first place.
  14. by   pinoy_guy

    president gloria macapagal arroyo said thursday a retake of the controversial june 2006 nursing board licensure tests 3 and 5 is the only remaining option to regain the integrity of the profession.

    at the same time, she also assured nursing students that government would be shoulder all expenses which would be incurred for the retake.

    however, she did not say if the subsidy would include expenses for those who will take review classes.

    . . .

    to this, mrs. arroyo replied: 'that's the problem. there's no way to determine the guilty. as of now that's the best way to determine who did not participate (in the leakage scandal). okay lang na i-subsidize ng government (ang retake) kasi 3 and 5 lang naman."

    . . .

    a retake of the nursing examination was the consensus among cabinet members during their tuesday meeting with president arroyo.

    it was not clear if the retake would mean a complete examination or exams for only the leaked tests 3 and 5.

    . . .

    the prc has taken a "no re-take" position.
    i wonder what will happen if, after the retake of tests 3 & 5, it was proven that tests 1 & 2 were also leaked?

    what happened to the female witness who testified that tests 1 & 2 were also leaked?