June 2006 NLE passers: What have you been doing while WAITING

  1. Hi, I'm a June 2006 NLE passer, I'm just curious what have you been doing while waiting for the DECISION. Here is a list of what I'm doing.

    1. I can go to the mall anytime, I surf the net from time to time, i listen to FEUER audio lectures in the car while driving to refresh my nursing knowledge, I practice NCLEX simulation tests in my computer, I play computer games everynight and I have all the time to watch the whole season of Grey's Anatomy.

    How about you? Are you working? Where and how's life after the board exam?
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  3. by   kathryn_alsola
    hehe well ....
    1. i'm working on my nclex application..
    2. watch movies, going to the mall
    3. haven't read any nclex review material...but i'm planning to read saunders book for nclex
    4.i'm planning to take a short course at redcross...
    5. i read newpapers and watch the news for any nursing updates...but the only thing they kept on flashing and reporting were more on the negative side...only the one side of story....so i'm trying to lessen my time on watching the news...trying to avoid listening and watching negative stories so that i won't worry that much and it won't pollute my mind..haha
    6. still trying to apply and look for a job....which was somewhat related to nursing...or just anything..haha..
    7.listening to my mp3 all day haha...what a bum..lol
    8.MOst OF ALL..KEPT ON PRAYING:wink2: ....praying that this issue will be over soon, so that I can have my oathtaking and for my license to be released...and penalized those schools who kept on pushing us down who's telling that were incompetent..hehe joke...i just hope this crap will soon be over..hehe

    hehe Gud Luck to everyone!!God Bless Us!:wink2:
  4. by   msdreamchaser
    i'm through with my nclex application, planning to begin my review with ielts n nclex... yep its kinda boring to be an educated bum

    watch movies, planning to start applying and wait for their replies

    god Bless! we can make it!!
  5. by   corrupted_caregiver

    1. all kinds of stuff that i can't do when i was in college.
    2. being a bum even if i graduated college
    3. have unlimited time playing dota, pangya, and O2 jam
    4. visited my friendster almost daily
    5. tutoring senior students bout board exam and junior students about nursing concepts
    6. feeling sick about the news that passers are experiencing discrimination here and the US. (please tell the PGH and St. Lukes that it's not my loss I am not working there).
    7. Still thinking on how to earn money.
    8. wondering how will I go to work in the US if I'm going to start thinking about it now
    9. contemplating if I'll take the NLE again in december since I'm confident I'll pass it again.
    10. organizing a group of passers on how can we help the fellow passers in expediting their papers in the US so that there will be lesser confusion
    11. wondering if you're up to that and when can we meet to plan logistics and the like

    That's it. Maybe it's time for me to take action
  6. by   Starbee
    the funny thing about being a professional bum is sometimes I'm thinking of working in a call center just to earn additional pesos and then the next day I'm thinking of just finishing nclex and ielts first because working might be a hindrance to my review schedule. Oh well... for now. I'm

    1. surfing the net almost everyday
    2. watching MEDs plus which my school used for our NCLEX review
    sessions last sem
    3. just submitted my NCLEX application...almost 2 months after NLE.
    4. watching House and Grey's Anatomy
    5. planning to start reading Saunder's and Lippincott's Review Series...which
    I should be starting doing now
    6. on vacation for 2 months now after NLE, and I'm also contemplating of
    retaking the NLE, but on the hand I'm also hoping that the TRO be
    lifted and licenses for new RNs be released so we can move on to save
    us from anxiety
    7. watching all news related to June 2006 NLE, and I keep on writing blogs
    about that in my Friendster. and I'm planning to send an opinion to
    Inquirer for others to hear the lamentations of a RN without a license.

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  7. by   corrupted_caregiver
    been wondering how'd you be able to pass your applications and what entries did you indicate in the "exams taken" portion and if passed "license number" portion. that's why i'm not yet taking the application for the NCLEX seriously coz i don't have an entry for that. Remember, our PRC has not yet mailed and delivered our verified license number to other countries that is why the licenses you are currently holding are not verifiable in the US. Most probably your application will be in "on hold" status.

    there's been news that there will be a retake this sunday and next sunday. is it true?

    Arkansas will not be hiring new nurses from the Philippines. So... I'm still waiting for the case to be settled in court.

    Asking your opinion here
  8. by   msdreamchaser
    yeah... i've been depressed and agitated for a couple of months... how i wish i just failed the june 2006 exam than passed it and feel more of a loser... i'm also thinking of working but on another profession i guess... i have applied for nclex already and regarding the license no. i just kept in blank and rather included a letter of explanation. hope it helped...
  9. by   JML_23
    hehe.. it's somewhat comforting to hear from my fellow JUNE 2006 NLE PASSERS. Well, like everybody here... super bum... hehe... Well, here's the list of my activities after NLE:

    1. surfing the net almost everyday...
    2. I started reading nursing books again to review for NCLEX
    3. Enrolled in a NCLEX video program which i havn't started until now...hehe
    (do you get that feeling once you've started reviewing, you would remember what you've been thru before the june exams, and you would realize you're still not recognize as a professional.. sigh.. haay...)
    4.I have'nt submitted my Nclex application since the state i'm applying requires a license number and not a certification that i passed.
    5. Having DVD movie marathon... Grey's Anatomy
    6. I've also been praying alot... Praying for my co-passers, those against us, and the leaders in our profession.
    7. I'm contemplating what if i didn't pass maybe i would have moved on by now, but since i passed now i'm hanging...haay
    8. But i'm still blessed, I have a wonderful family supporting me. i just hope all of these things would end soon so i can give it all back to them.
    9. I've been following the news and it makes me sad. Being called incompetent and branded as cheaters. Oh well, its sad cause i'm one of those innocent persons who didn't benefit from the leak.
    10. And i'm now starting little business... to earn extra money.. hehe

    Things would be better...
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  10. by   miss_mich
    hey guys! mind telling me where i can download the application form for the nclex exam?
    tnx alot (",)
  11. by   bloodytom

    or if you prefer better results, you can actually spend a fraction of an hour searching in this forum...
  12. by   lawrence01
    If you read the stickies here and in the Int'l forum you only need seconds. The links for relevant websites for all foreign RNs are actually in there.

    The two essential websites are www.ncsbn.org and www.cgfns.org

    Each State BON has it's own dedicated website and all the websites are conveniently listed in there (www.ncsbn.org) and all you have to do is click the links.

    Once you go to the website of your chosen State BON, you take it from there. All instructions and downloadable forms are in there. They all provide contact e-mails and tel. #s for queries that cannot be answered in their instructions in their application packets and if you're a NLE passer for 2006 it is utmost impt. to ask them directly if they will even let you apply. The fee for courier or even std. airmail and the effort to do all the application process
    plus the application fee is no joke.

    Hope this helps.
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  13. by   miss_mich
    Found it! THANK YOU!!!
  14. by   cereza_18
    just go to http://www.ncsbn.org/ or just go directly to http://www.ncsbn.org/regulation/boar...sing_board.asp and click which country you want to work.