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  1. hehe well .... 1. i'm working on my nclex application.. 2. watch movies, going to the mall 3. haven't read any nclex review material...but i'm planning to read saunders book for nclex 4.i'm planning to take a short course at redcross... 5. i read newpapers and watch the news for any nursing updates...but the only thing they kept on flashing and reporting were more on the negative side...only the one side of story....so i'm trying to lessen my time on watching the news...trying to avoid listening and watching negative stories so that i won't worry that much and it won't pollute my mind..haha 6.:monkeydance: still trying to apply and look for a job....which was somewhat related to nursing...or just anything..haha.. 7.listening to my mp3 all day haha...what a bum..lol 8.MOst OF ALL..KEPT ON PRAYING:wink2: ....praying that this issue will be over soon, so that I can have my oathtaking and for my license to be released...and penalized those schools who kept on pushing us down who's telling that were incompetent..hehe joke...i just hope this crap will soon be over..hehe hehe Gud Luck to everyone!!God Bless Us!:wink2: