june 06 passers..current status?

  1. batchmates.. i know we are all in the same boat(the VSC, Discrimination in our job applications...etc..)

    what keeps you going?...what are your current status? any news about job applications of trainings? any info plz.....thanks a lot..spread the L-O-V-e....
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  3. by   superborj
    wazzup batchmates...i know we've been through a loOOT(board controversy,the discrimination, and now the Visa screen certificate...)
    how are you all holding up? whats your current status?? any news or info about job applications and trainings? POST it here please....any info would mean a lot...PEEeeeAAce Out....spread the LOVE...heheheh
  4. by   rus-t
    Hi batchmate, most of our fellow passers last june 06 already moved on with their lives, like me i was hired as a nurse but i left the job because i decided to take nclex and IELTS this year. I myself hope that cgfns will soon announce their decision re: VSC of our batch as what they had previously stated last october.
  5. by   choco_overload
    i feel bad for those students who were unconsciously included in the controversy.. they shouldn't be discriminated especially if they didn't come from the schools included.. i just hope nothing like this would happen when i will take the board exam.. i still believe that being honest can make you reach greater heights and let you fulfill your dreams.. am sure those who were dishonest would be found out later on when they reach the hospitals.. they would surely be clueless of the things that they're not really familiar with.. haay..
  6. by   homer_miranda
    what do u mean by cgfns decision?kindly explain on that please..thanks and more power.

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  7. by   suzanne4
    Quote from homer_miranda
    what do u mean by cgfns decision?kindly explain on that please..thanks and more power.

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    Please read the stickies at the top of this forum. It is not being discussed on these forums anymore. You can find all of the information at the top of this forum.
  8. by   superborj
    yeah i hear you and i feel you guys....good for you rus-t...as for me and my wifey...we're still waiting for call backs from the hospitals we applied to..nad right now i dont know if iwe shpould pass our NM application or take the ielts..it's kinda hard if you come from the province and settle here in manila, but we're stil hanging on..by thway rus-t, where were you employed??
  9. by   msdreamchaser
    i'm an 06 passer... and with the controversies... i decided to move on by reviewing for the nclex... and ill be having my exam on march... hopefull to pass the said exam...

    locally, i also started to apply to some hospitals... i applied in asian, st lukes and capitol... and im thankful for their immediate reply... with asian, they asked for an iv training which i don't have for the moment, so they told me to return as soon as i accomplish that... then ill proceed with their exam and return demos...

    with st lukes... i'm through with their exams... hoping for the positive results but i guess they don't employ staff nurse rather as a trainee...

    with capitol... they have the best offer for me among the 3... just through with their exams... results would be next week so i'll just keep you updated...

    as of the record, there are batchmates of mine who already passed the nclex and ielts... and still waiting for the cg screen?! and there were those who has us visa already in the us...

    i also have a btchmate 06 passer who's sched to take cgfns exam on march (because i thought they don't consider o6 passers as registered nurse because of the controversy)

    gud luck to us and god bless!
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  11. by   devshop
    i have not heard of any discrimination on job applications...have you had one?
  12. by   nxt777
    Quote from lieu
    hi <same> just ant to ask how you aply at asian? do you have already a hosptal xp.. b4 u aply to them??wat r their othr requirements?
    u can apply via online http://www.asianhospital.com/careers.html or u can also send your resume via email at hr@asianhospital.com or u can also go at asian hospital in muntinlupa and send in your resume personally at the looby/information.

    if your applying as a staff nurse they need you to have an iv therapy license and bls seminar. goodluck!

    nice clinical experience but.... see it for yourself..... :uhoh21:
  13. by   oriezo
    my sponsor (my mom who is based in NJ) wants me to retake this june 2007, i may probably do just to put her at rest. but if the cgfns decides in favor of june 2006 examinees, i surely would not do so...

    haven't applied for work yet because the license was released only this 2nd wk of jan - just about the same time when my eligibility with NM came. so one thing at a time first.

    have you been issued a PRC Board Certificate? the one that looks like a diploma? PRC Cebu here says that they have not released any 1 from the june 2006 passers...
  14. by   bonsai_25
    Hey batchmates, I think most of the june 2006 passers are happy. Most have their eligibilities and atts, some have passed their nclex and ielts already. Some are working and some are still looking for work. I just pass my nclex exam and I am so excited for the others. We are just waiting for the final news regarding our visascreen. Although I know one batchmate who have her VISASCREEN certificate already.

    And now, NCSBN selected manila as their next testing center. I don't know if that will be final but I am so glad for the next batch since it will save alot of money and will bring alot of opportunities to my fellow nurses.

    We just have to pray and think positively. Forget the negative comments,
    just plan ahead if you think there will be obstacles. Look at your obstacles as a way of making youtself better Goodluck everyone and now I have to look for work haha.