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  1. hey everyone...im a nurse from the philippines, i applied for a NZ student visa, and have found a slot in a school there for the CAP program..I had my medical exams and the results came out fine..but the problem is i wasn't able to come back for th einital reading of my PPD result, so i had to do it again..my agency forwarder my results and pplication to the embassy..the Visa officer called me and told me that my PPD result was the one that was delaying my visa processing..so i went back to have a PPD test done again..the result was negative..now its been more than month and my visa is still under process was referred to the medical assesror for further evaluation. i am worried i wont be able to make it on Jan. 19 for the commencement of my classes. Can someone enlighten me on this? or has anyone experienced this? thanks in advance..:)))