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batchmates.. i know we are all in the same boat(the VSC, Discrimination in our job applications...etc..) what keeps you going?...what are your current status? any news about job applications of... Read More

  1. by   msdreamchaser
    Quote from LIEU
    i asked a friend to pass my resume since im quite far the place and they called imediately. nope i don't have any working experience yet. their requirements are the same with all hospital just add bls and iv training
  2. by   msdreamchaser
    oriezo i think prc dont issue yet the certificate that you are referring... and to the one who asked if there are some descrimination?

    yes i just won't mention the institution...
  3. by   cherrycoke
    What institution is it ^same^? I'm curious. Are there a lot?
  4. by   pink_20
    Quote from bonsai_25
    Hey batchmates, I think most of the june 2006 passers are happy. Most have their eligibilities and atts, some have passed their nclex and ielts already. Some are working and some are still looking for work. I just pass my nclex exam and I am so excited for the others. We are just waiting for the final news regarding our visascreen. Although I know one batchmate who have her VISASCREEN certificate already.

    And now, NCSBN selected manila as their next testing center. I don't know if that will be final but I am so glad for the next batch since it will save alot of money and will bring alot of opportunities to my fellow nurses.

    We just have to pray and think positively. Forget the negative comments,
    just plan ahead if you think there will be obstacles. Look at your obstacles as a way of making youtself better Goodluck everyone and now I have to look for work haha.
    You're so right! We need to be positive at all times and to NEVER LOSE HOPE
  5. by   eivan
    Honestly, we are at limbo..and thinking about it doubles my age!

    I have plans to retake the board. I'm tired of hoping! I gave it almost a year and I think we all deserve a fair share of the pie.

    Also, guys, VS is very very important. We need to make sure that that "paper" is secured with our encumbrance. Less, we want delays and etc.
  6. by   rosesun
    hi batchmates! i am one of the 1thou plus students who were announced not passed last july 2006 who took the boards last june and COA made a decision to include us in the passing list last end of october. still i passed and made the boards! i took the nclex last nov14 and passed it, last month i took the ielts and passed it. now, i currently work as a nurse trainee in sotto, cebu. no discrimination. i'm processing my visa screen now, still PRC has not yet finished with my license till. so i consider myself not having the phil license that needed for the VSC. PRC released a certificate that i took and passed the boards..still i do not have d hard/plastic license.

    do not worry God has plans for us, just like me!:roll
  7. by   nxt777
    cgfns has decided regarding the vsc of the june 20006 board passers. and its a retake of test 3 & 5. but they are group of people who will appeal to cgfns regarding this matter. and that would mean a long wait again. so better yet, go for retake and pass it to... just a friendly advise....
  8. by   suzanne4
    cgfns has issued their statement. they are not issuing any visa screen certificates to those that took the exam in june, 2006. appealing will not make any difference to this effect.

    and for those that obtained the vsc fraudulently by withholding information, please take a look at the page in the vsc handbook; your vsc can be denied from you at any time and subject you to immediate deportation from the us. posting on the internet is not as anonymous as you think and immigration officials also look at these sites.