Job Prospects in Toronto for New Grad RN

  1. Hi,

    I will be graduating from nursing this summer and am looking to relocate to Toronto in August/September 2011. With all the shortages of nursing jobs around Canada, I wanted to get an idea of what the job prospects are for new grads in Toronto, specially around the downtown Toronto area. I found a few posts from a year ago about this same topic, but the responses didn't seem too promising. I have my fingers crossed and am hoping it's improved since...

    I'm interested in pediatric nursing and hopefully will be able to start right away in peds, although I know with the availability of positions it's not always possible to start in an area you are interested in.

    Thanks in advance for your feedback!
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  3. by   Diva7332
    Try the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto...a few friends I know work there (started as new grads too) and like it. Good luck!
  4. by   sunkissed75
    Try this website... I don't graduate for another year, but I like to go on it every once in a while to see what the job market is like.

    Goodluck to you!!
  5. by   joanna73
    Hopefully, you will make a contact or get lucky. It happens. However, I graduated at the top of my class in June last year from Ryerson. Myself and many others did not get work through HFO. It has not improved, and about 40 percent of the June 2010 classes are either underemployed or still unemployed. The reality is, you take whatever you get in nursing, and also be prepared to relocate. Three of us moved to Alberta. There are waaay too many applicants in TO and few jobs. But, you will find work somewhere, I'm sure.

    On a positive note, in Alberta, there are a few more opportunities for new grads, although the same situation is clear across Canada and the US. I am making considerably more than I would have anywhere in Ontario in AB. The starting wage was higher and I get night shift differential. I also did not want HFO, since even if you get hired on, there are no guarantees they are keeping you. Who needs that? I am in a regular RN line, and the work is hard, but I am learning a lot and enjoying it. I also was later offered a position in TO, but only because I knew someone. Sick Kids hires, but last year, the only people who got in were those who knew the managers.

    I don't mean to upset you, but this is the reality. Just read some of the threads around here. Anyway, good luck Something will come up, but it may not be your first or second choice.
  6. by   joanna73
    And in case you're wondering, I lived right smack downtown TO. I had applied at all those hospitals as well as many friends. UHN for example has been on a hiring freeze for 3 years almost...
  7. by   cwhitebn
    I find it really hard to understand how there is such a critical nursing shortage but no job offers. All the places I've applied to have given me many job opportunities right away, although I haven't applied to any major centres such as TO. Good luck!
  8. by   joanna73
    It is ridiculous, and there is such a shortage everywhere. However, the last 2 years have been very tough for nursing and new grads in particular. No one wants to train or hire at the moment. But, there are more jobs to be had away from the major city centres.
  9. by   littlemammanurse
    Check out the Job Bank of Canada website there are a lot of jobs posted on there.
  10. by   torontoRN
    Hi there,

    I graduated in Dec 2009 & there were job postings on HFO (which someone posted earlier - best source to apply for new grad jobs). However, it took a couple months for me to hear back anything - maybe because most of my experience was peds based so I wasn't the best candidate for regular med-surg. I think there were I think only about 5-7 jobs that were peds related. Mostly everyone that I graduated with took a few months to get a job but it came eventually. SickKids & UHN had been on a short hiring freeze (& we all panicked) so I gave up on that at the time. I first got work at my local hospital on the peds unit, then a few months later I got offered a position at The Hospital for Sick Children (Sick Kids) where I've been working since June 2010 (I LOVE it). They only hire 3 times a year (Feb, June and Sept) so apply soon in hopes that you'll get into the June intake. My friends ended up getting jobs with UHN, TGH, Princess Margaret, St. Michael's to name a few, it did take a couple months though.

    Anyway - I think you should start applying soon. You may not get a job right away but it's worth waiting for what you really want (if a job in TO is what you really want). There are a lot of excellent hospitals in TO where you will see great acuity & it will really improve your nursing skills. Start applying now though. Make sure you make a great cover letter & resume - if you're doing final placement, use your preceptor as a reference when applying to your floor. Best of luck!!
  11. by   joanna73
    Hopefully things will improve. I'm sure you will get something. Keep in mind though, that in 2009, the crop of new grads had a slightly easier time getting jobs in Toronto than in 2010. I had my final placement at St Mikes last year, and no one got hired on the floor then. They were closing beds. But, 6 months prior, they were able to hire 25 new grads there. So, every quarter is different. I would start applying now for sure, and also feel out your instructors for work. Good luck.
  12. by   Silverdragon102
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  13. by   kate.l
    Thanks for all the feedback!

    I'm from Vancouver and it seems like it's a similar situation here, with new grads having to wait a few months before landing a position, and even then, it's usually a casual line and not even in the field they are interested in. Sounds like how it is in Toronto as well.

    This has been really helpful. I'm hoping that if I apply early I can get at least a casual position, and then work my way into a better position once I'm on the internal hiring. Fingers crossed!
  14. by   joanna73
    Yes, its the same clear across the country. But, often casual or part time positions still amount to good hours anyway. And, after you have been working somewhere for eight months to a year, you'll be more marketable.