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torontoRN has 1 years experience and specializes in Pediatrics.

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  1. torontoRN

    US male nurse interested in moving to Australia

    This is delayed but I want to help anyone else wondering the same question. 1. Apply on APHRA website - this is the nursing board. Download the form and fill it out. You don't need to fly to Australia to do this. Download, fill out, and mail the umpteen documents (ceritified!) 2. Wait about 4-8 weeks for them to tell you if you're approved or not. 3. Once approved, you can apply for jobs. Hope that helps! It seemed vague in the beginning when I was applying too. But that is all you need to do. That being said, the application process alone is a nightmare just to gather all the documents and certify them... Best of luck!
  2. torontoRN

    Canadian Nurse Interested in Australia

    I realize this is over a year since you posted now but if you have questions I'm happy to help. The process is beyond tedious and I am going through it now. Sent my application after over a month of collecting data then once it went through they asked for even more things beyond the initial application form. You could apply for places to relocate you but I don't know of anyone who has done this. There's tons of nursing agencies here who pay well but choose wisely. I can't work here yet because of the stupidly complicated application process & they are still demanding more details from me. But in my experience so far there's jobs to be applied for. Some places like I know the Children's Hospital seem to encourage intl applicants. No idea where you're at now but I HIGHLY recommend having experience beforehand which I think you would have by now. Anyways feel free to message me if you have questions about the application process. If you download the intl application form on the AHPRA website you'll see what I mean & what kinds of things you need. Not fun but it is truly a beautiful place to live & work! I'm here primarily for school (masters) but hope to work soon if they ever let me do so :)
  3. torontoRN

    Any Canadian nurses working in Australia?

    Just wanted to share my experience thus far as I recently made a big change myself. Travelled the world for 6 months with my husband backpacking then came here to Australia to do my masters and work as a Registered Nurse. I've been here 3 months already and it's been impossible just to get my licence to even apply for jobs. My advice would be sort this out before you leave, and prepare (potentially) for MONTHS of agony getting your application together. It was harder for me because I did my application in Sydney, not back home so had to have family mail me my documents. DO THIS BEFORE YOU LEAVE. Anyways, to give you an idea of the ridiculous things they need - high school transcripts, uni transcripts to prove you speak English, all of the clinical hours & theory hrs of each and every rotation you did in school, all your employers and hrs within the past 5 yrs, reference letters outlining what you did on the unit hrs/per week worked, etc. letters from HR manager (HAS to be a manager) with all the hrs you worked, dates ,etc. That's just scratching the surface on what they ask for. By the way - all those documents need to be certified by a lawyer or anyone else fit to certify outside Australia. Fun times! After I sent my application and $500, they asked me for additional documentation. It's crazy discouraging and like I said, just anticipate a LENGTHY process. That being said, this is the most beautiful country I've ever seen. I LOVE living by the beach with pretty much perfect weather every single day. I didn't come here primarily to be a nurse since I'm a full-time student but had hoped to work part-time. It is possible but I would say first get experience (1 yr at LEAST) back home, and start the application process EARLY on. Hope that is helpful.
  4. Hi everyone, I'm currently an RN in Canada who will have 2.5 yrs experience in an acute care pediatric facility - 2 yrs in Gen Peds/Infectious Diseases + Complex care and 6 months Emergency Department (pediatrics) experience (by December this yr when I'll stop working). My husband & I are moving to Australia in June or July 2013, I'll be doing a 1 year Masters program but would potentially like to work part-time or casual as an RN during my studies. I'm wondering what is the approximate rate of pay for an RN in Brisbane? I'd be applying to Royal Children's & Maters hospitals. Also, do you think there are part-time or casual jobs out there, or do they predominately seek out full-time staff? I am asking because it is a pricey process to have my certification carry over & if it's unlikely that I can find work as an RN, I will probably seek out other options like being a Teaching Assistant, etc. Any insight or help is greatly appreciated - thank you!!!! :)
  5. torontoRN

    Job Prospects in Toronto for New Grad RN

    Hi there, I graduated in Dec 2009 & there were job postings on HFO (which someone posted earlier - best source to apply for new grad jobs). However, it took a couple months for me to hear back anything - maybe because most of my experience was peds based so I wasn't the best candidate for regular med-surg. I think there were I think only about 5-7 jobs that were peds related. Mostly everyone that I graduated with took a few months to get a job but it came eventually. SickKids & UHN had been on a short hiring freeze (& we all panicked) so I gave up on that at the time. I first got work at my local hospital on the peds unit, then a few months later I got offered a position at The Hospital for Sick Children (Sick Kids) where I've been working since June 2010 (I LOVE it). They only hire 3 times a year (Feb, June and Sept) so apply soon in hopes that you'll get into the June intake. My friends ended up getting jobs with UHN, TGH, Princess Margaret, St. Michael's to name a few, it did take a couple months though. Anyway - I think you should start applying soon. You may not get a job right away but it's worth waiting for what you really want (if a job in TO is what you really want). There are a lot of excellent hospitals in TO where you will see great acuity & it will really improve your nursing skills. Start applying now though. Make sure you make a great cover letter & resume - if you're doing final placement, use your preceptor as a reference when applying to your floor. Best of luck!!