Its the Irish contingent........

  1. Hello - The title is really self explantory. I work in ICU in Dublin , although I'm originally from Belfast and have worked in Belfast , Hull , Birmingham and Dublin.
    Well I hope to get to know you all well ,
    All the best ,
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  3. by   2banurse
    Hi Roy and Welcome to'll have to share your experiences for those of us living on the other side of the pond.
    When I think of Ireland, I think of the beautiful green countryside.

  4. by   RNConnieF
    Hi Roy.
    Funny, 8 years ago in my LPN class there where 5 Irish students. In my RN class last year there 3 Irish students who had also been in my LPN class. Do you think I attract Irish students? Just joking. Welcome to the board.
  5. by   jevans
    A Big welcome to you Roy

    And thank you to all of you that drop in to say hello
  6. by   renerian
    I am in Ohio, an RN and I work in DME sales which I love after doing hands on care for 17 years.

    I am half irish half german.

  7. by   karenG
    hi roy

    nice to hear from you.

  8. by   roymadden
    Ah!!! I fell welcome already! lol
    I've been a long time lurker but couldn't follow some of the discussions.
  9. by   baseline
    Roy....WE can't follow some of the discussions!!!
  10. by   lisamct
    Hi Roy,
    Nice to meet you, welcome to the madness:roll
    Be prepared to give up all hope of a normal life, Allnurses have you now
  11. by   roymadden
    "Normal life" - Well I've never had one of those lol
  12. by   karenG
    hey- just noticed your in Dublin- you lucky man! will buy you a pint next time I am in Dublin!!

  13. by   RNonsense
    Nice to meet ya Roy. This place is addicting
  14. by   roymadden
    No problems Karen. Do you come over often?