Is it possible to have BSN at age 18?

  1. Recently I've observed several new members from Australia list age as 18 and education:BSN....along with few from US and other countries.

    Is is possible/usual to have completed BSN education by that age?

    Trying to feret out truth from wishful thinking...

    Being enrolled in BSN program does not count, members should list student. Very rare to have completed BSN program in US by that age...most just graduating High School.
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  3. by   sunnyjohn
    Many kids were I grew up (Bahamas) graduate at 15 and sixteen. I was 16.

    I don't know about a BSN at 18, but I do know a lot of kids in British education systems that are very very young when they finish their course and get their Bachelor's in three years.
  4. by   gwenith
    I honestly don't know of any and would be worried if there were any that had a degree at 18 as they are just not old enough to be mature enough for the job at that age (thinks back to starting nursing at 18 and how GREEN I was) . Our education system is not so designed to allow rapid advancement. Most kids leave high school at 17-18
  5. by   prmenrs
    Those precocious Aussies!!
  6. by   UWSRN
    They must be students. Even if someone graduated high school at 16 they could not get a BSN in Nursing in 2 years b/c the clinicals that are needed alone are at least 2 years. 18 is too young to carry the responsibilty of being a nurse. They are still getting used to the responsibility that comes along with driving.
  7. by   Amber_student_nurse
    To get the BSN over here you must complete your TEE or HSC (year 12 university entry exams) to be able to gain entry into Uni. I was 17 when I graduated and the BSN is always 3 years or longer. So no its not really possible. the youngest a RN could ever be is 20.
  8. by   suebird3
    I know that, in the Phillipines, they go to school through our 10th grade, then go to University. They'd be 20 when they graduate.....

  9. by   Lenap
    In Europe most schools allow graduation finishing only 8 grades so at age 15-16 they can enter either workworkce or start technical school. Age 16 is considered young adult in Europe. By 20 most girls are married already.
  10. by   InfRN
    OT, my apologies, but which Europe are you speaking of?
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  11. by   Lenap
    Quote from InfRN
    OT, my apologies, but which Europe are you speaking of?
    Eastern Europe
  12. by   bubblesthenurse
    i was 20 when i started. and i was born at the end of the year.
    and it is still too young to have such responsibilities...

    mind you, it made me grow up very fast, and as i result i have lost contact with my friends who are a) not nurses, or b) still partying hard

    i think that i am still to young to be a nurse.