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Hi, I just received my ATT, I checked the calendar but to my astonishment, there is no available schedule within the validity of my ATT. I am not prepared for this. May I ask your opinions,... Read More

  1. by   lawrence01
    Congrats! See, it is possible to see a slot open up in HK about 2-4/5 weeks before hand as most do re-sched/cancel on those time-frame. All is needed is patience and vigilance.
  2. by   pacifica falayfay
    you are welcome mtjmnov. i hope you will not take so much of your time deciding where you really wanna take the exam bec. it adds stress to your studies. when the time comes you decided to take it in taiwan, there might be no more seats for you. taiwan is always fully booked. good luck.
  3. by   mtjmnov
    Thank you Pacifica, yeah, really you are right, I can't concentrate well because of this. Wow Liyam, congrats, unfortunately for me, I could not view the calendar anymore. All I do is call them daily. But I guess I have to quit calling them now and decide where should I take the exam. I have never been to Saipan or Taiwan anyway ( hehehe... what kind of defense mechanism is this...or is this sourgraping hehehe)
  4. by   bebe13
    i guess rationalization.. or it could be substitution.. i admire the way you encourage one another here, despite the predicament you're in.

    worry not. god is good...god's investment in us is so great that he could not possibly abandon us. shalom!

    cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. - 1 peter 5:7
  5. by   lawrence01
    I highly recommend that members here to try help each other out by networking.

    Try asking people who have just successfully scheduled in HK to see for you the available slots through their calendar on-line and have them SMS you to make sure the info gets to you at lightning speed.

    Do everything and give your personal contacts via PMs only.

    Calling-up every now and then to ask the sched is not the way to go as we said from the start as the one on the other end does not always have the most updated info as she is responsible to see all other testing center sites and the only thing she knows is the last info she saw the last time she checked on a particular testing center. The best way to see a slot will always be the calendar provided by them in your on-line account that is why it was provided to be used by the individual in the 1st place because the responsibility to check for opening of slots and actual scheduling is solely on the examiner.

    In addition, if one saw an open slot or somebody else gave you current info that there is and the operator said that only this month and month is available, just kindly request her to check on it again and say that you just checked your calendar and you saw an opening.
  6. by   mtjmnov
    Thank you Bebe and Lawrence, that's very uplifting, again, hehehe I am entertaining the possibility of getting an exam in Hongkong if someone would be kind enough to pm me or txt me if you see an available schedule in Hongkong and if you would be kind enough to ask my cel number too. Thank you so much everyone.
  7. by   sweet_nurse
    hi mtjmnov if u want to make sure that there is available schedule for hong kong u can call nclex hotline in australia they are 3 hrs ahead in time in our country. last year in september when i have my ATT i always check for schedule in pearsonvue but there is no available slot til december i think they are not updated. when i called in november they have an available slot for january 22 but instead they gave me january 3 coz one of the exam takers cancelled his schedule. so i think u should better call them to be sure for the sched..here's the number 0061294785400..by the way u cant use the touch tone card..just use your cellphone..hope it will help u
  8. by   mtjmnov
    Thank you very much sweet nurse, yeah, I call them practically everyday though I stopped a couple of days ago, and they are helpful. Oh, you are from bikini bottom, my daughter loves to watch spongebob and me too. I think crabby patty is yummy hehehe.
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  9. by   missiejones
    After almost a month of fretting over Taiwan, I FINALLY GOT A SLOT IN HONGKONG!!!!

    just be vigilant guys, I was just randomly surfing and logging in to all my accounts, emails,friendster etc, including my pearson acount when i decided to look at the schedule in HK, whaalaaa! there it was, an open slot for April 4th, I called Pearson Vue immediately and I got the schedule:spin:
  10. by   fed_memb
    Hi. I'm just wandering how can I check the test dates of Hong Kong online. I just can't seem to change the country from Taiwan to Hongong. When I registered I placed Taiwan as my testing center because they say that hongkong was all filled up. I want to check first if there are available slots before I call PearsonVue. Please help!!!
  11. by   mtjmnov
    Wow congratulations missie, I am so happy for you. I just hope I have that kind of attitude. I panicked when I checked the calendar and there's no available schedule in Hongkong so I called pearson and changed my testing location, bad move huh. To fed, if you have an ATT which is valid for one year you can change your center from Taiwan to Hongkong on the first avail schedule, you have to call pearson for that. I said one year because there's no available schedule within 3 months in HK if you only have 3-month validity unless you have a friend whom you can ask to check the calendar for you and unless you are lucky by the time you call. I think the avail slot starts from late of June or something, but if you want to make it sure, give pearson a ring ask them for the first avail slot, if there's one & within the validity of your ATT, grab it & check every now and then for your preferred date.
  12. by   devshop
    hi. i just called pearson and asked when is the closest available date in HK at the moment, and she says, last week of June. too bad it's beyond the validity of my ATT... hope that helps.
  13. by   missiejones
    I also have a tip for those who want to save money on phone call bills / expenses, download SKYPE from skype.com, register and create an account, next purchase a skype credit for only $10 = only 480 pesos equivalent

    then when you have a credit, you can call Pearson Vue 0018664962539 for free because its a toll free number

    as for the credit you can call any US number for only $0.02 cents per minute that is almost 1 peso per minute

    that is how I saved money and rescheduled my exams so many times without spending a cent since the pearson vue number is a toll free number
    (note : other pearson vue number like australia is being charged at $0.02 plus $0.04 tax per minute, so roughly $0.06 cents per minute = 3 pesos per minute)

    hope this helps :spin: