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  1. St. Luke's, Capitol Med, PHC, Medical City

    Hi, requirements at St. Luke's Hospital are: resume, college diploma, general weighted average, board rating, prc card, prc board certificate, certificate of employment (if any), 2-pcs 2x2 ID pictures (colored , white background), nbi clearance, birt...
  2. im new here please help

    Hi, let me tell you something which I hope will somehow shed light. I graduated in 1996, took the NLE and passed. Before, I thought that taking the NLE was not important since after I graduated I pursued a different field. After 11 long years, he...
  3. re:vermont processing time to for licensure/att

    Hi, you need to take and pass the NLE since one of the requirements is for you to submit a copy of your license to Vermont BON. Check
  4. Important Vermont question. Please help me...

    Hi, VT will send a letter with a confirmation card which has a number in it that is needed when you register with pearson, they will ask for it. You will return the card to VT when you have registered with pearson ( you have to complete the bottom po...
  5. review center!

    Hi, that is not a good idea. I was once like you, I don't like to read. I don't have self discipline. I can't stand if I can't go to a mall in a week, at least twice but I realized NCLEX is not to be taken advantage of (I am not saying that you ar...
  6. Need some advice

    Hi, I graduated in 1996, haven't worked as a nurse either. I just passed the exam and I am so thankful for everyone here in allnurses esp Suzanne for guiding me, I have been ignorant about almost everything before. Try Suzanne's study tips. What...
  7. HK hotels

    hi, central park hotel is a walking distance to the testing site
  8. Is Ramada hongkong near the testing site

    thank you for the information aky and kathy, i cancelled my reservation at ramada.
  9. Best way to do to get a slot in Hongkong...

    Hi, suzanne and nxt777 are right, check the calendar as often as possible, that was my problem too. I thought I could not get a slot, I was so depressed but now I got a seat.
  10. Is Ramada hongkong near the testing site

    you are right loryn, that's why I called almost all travel agencies and checked the net for a great deal hehehe
  11. Hongkong is not available, pls help

    Thank you so much john, whew, i almost forgot about that, yeah, you are right, cebu pacific just offers c2 drinks and nothing else. I am now sure, we (my daughter and husband)will take pal.
  12. Is Ramada hongkong near the testing site

    thank you mondhits, i will check on that now. thank you also lawrence
  13. Is Ramada hongkong near the testing site

    thank you for the info bebe, gosh, I have been busy looking for a place to stay. Last time we went there, we stayed at Marco Polo Hongkong and BP international but cebu pacific or even pal doesn't offer BP intl anymore, I don't intend to stay at Ma...
  14. Hongkong is not available, pls help

    Thank you very much hathaway. I plan to book at cebu pacific or pal and avail of their package. I also intend to book 2 days before my exam so that I have the time to practice going to the testing site via mtr if I am not to book at ramada. I have...
  15. Is Ramada hongkong near the testing site

    thank you so much hathaway, wow, i need an exercise also, and that suits my need. it's good for the heart. once again, thank you hathaway