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hi.. i need some inputs about hospitals with good training/work experience... how long is the training period? how much? thanks... (paid training or volunteer or employment) :spin: ;)... Read More

  1. by   RNHawaii34
    Quote from sofia_815
    absolutely..:spin: ..most countries would not accept you if you dont have any experience in clinical setting ..
    i was a new grad from the philippines, i never work there ever, but i got hired in two different places here in the usa even if i didn't have any past work experience, i even turned down other job offers because i already accepted a job offer from one sucks when you have to turn a job, if only i could work in many places at the same, i would do it. there are a lot of hospitals in the us who would accept new grads, where they can be oriented ( and get paid at the same time) in their own facility.
  2. by   lawrence01
    And some don't even bother taking the NLE anymore if you don't have plans to practice locally and your goal is to be a US RN and this is regardless if you have a US Visa or not.