From UK to USA or OZ?

  1. Sorry have not posted for ages really struggling with what to do next.
    We have just come to a decision as a family about what we are going to do.

    I passed Nclex Oct 2005, case complete Aug 2006 sold house and moved into rented Sept 2006 great on our way to Florida job waiting in Orlando by Christmas
    WRONG missed the last visas by a couple of months so into retrogression.

    We have been following what is happening in government really closely (well Andy has he is better than me at these sort of things) From what we can make out nothing is going to happened anytime soon and I guess they will break for the summer holidays in a few weeks.

    Friday I sent my application off for OZ and have an agency looking for a suitable job. So it will depend on which ever visa is issued first. It would be nice to do a year there and carry on to the USA.

    We always thought people were mad that went to a country they have not visited but nothing to lose really, we are all ready to go. It just such a shame we have done so much research about FL and already have a home there.
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  3. by   letina
    Well, this is a shock! So you're serious about going to Oz? I'm disappointed......was looking forward to having you here
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    I think you have to do what is right for you, No reason why not use Australia as a stepping stone but what if the visas are available at the end of the year and you get yours will you be able to get sorted so everything goes to Australia and would you still want to go to the US? Yes the waiting is a pain
  5. by   RGN1
    Don't blame you really, my DH & I seriously thought about Oz or Canada too. However, in the end we decided to stick it out as we're okay here at the moment. Like you we have a house there and love the area we're heading for.

    So we're toughing it out but I can understand why you don't want to - at least we hadn't got to selling the house etc etc. I think there's a big immigration vote going on this week so maybe something will go our way & you will get to FL this year after all.
  6. by   ann h
    Quote from letina
    Well, this is a shock! So you're serious about going to Oz? I'm disappointed......was looking forward to having you here
    If the US give us our visa first USA here we come.
    If not will still plan to end up in FL after spending some time in OZ.
    We just feel we need to do something and can not spend another winter in UK.
    Looking for cheap flights in middle of June so might see you then.
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  7. by   english_nurse
    i suppose you are getting sick of waiting like everyone else ann, i dont blame you
  8. by   Tanvi Tusti
    Hi Ann
    GL and welcome to Oz if you get here. You will have no problem getting all the paperwork from the NVC delivered to your address in Oz, mine is already sorted. The only drawback, if can call it that, is that you will have to fly back to London for your embassy interview. I will deal with that if and when it happens. Make sure you get your police check done within 6 weeks of arriving here, it will save time later and get yourself off to a bank within a couple of days. All you need is your passport to get an account/credit card etc sorted, after 6 weeks it gets more complicated.
    For anyone else contemplating the move, all I can say is do it! You will not regret it. Oz is crying out for nurses and most hospitals offer contracts from 3 months upwards, with no penalty if you leave before the end. The leg work needed to get here is minimal and there is none of the beauracratic BS needed to get to the US.
    This really is a very beautiful country, definatly my second home.
  9. by   ann h
    Thanks for that.
    Application in the mail, should get there any day now.
    Things seem to be moving on with the USA I knew this would happen just my luck.
  10. by   suehp
    I dont blame you wanting to try OZ, someone else on this board is doing the same too. s someone has said it could be a stepping stone to the USA...will you still be able to apply for the USA once you are on OZ? You could be out there within a few weeks - it isnt that muchof a hassle to get there as it is for the USA from what I can gather...good luck but keep in touch....:spin: