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i am a dentist graduating now as a nurse. I have heard that Filipino nurses in the states who passed NCLEX only work as nurse aides.. i wish its not true.. the truth is, even if we will be aides... Read More

  1. by   presC.
    that's not true! ...
    i'm almost done with the orientation and will have my own regular sched this coming monday, and i'm working as ED-nurse. (btw, i'm filipino)...:Melody:
  2. by   czeafer32
    Of course , why do you need to allow yourself to work as an aide if you know in the first place that you went there as an RN . I think you should made clear everything before you sign your contract . What is the purpose of contract , if they will just fool you ? Be careful!
  3. by   garfield2005
    Hi Barbie! it's not true that Filipino RNs work as aides over here. A licensed nurse, LPN or RN, WORK AS NURSES. Although recently a CNA certification is required by some companies because RNs work as supervisors or unit managers they should have knowledge as to what they are supervising on. And a nurse is an effective supervisor if he/she has knowledge of a CNAs job(anyways, that is still part of nursing).
  4. by   lcprnc
    My facility just recruited a few RNs from the Philippines. Since they already passed their NCLEX exams in Saipan, they were all considered "RNs" on their first day of orientation. However, one of them, for some reason, had issues with her reciprocity processing so there was a long delay in obtaining her state RN license. (I think it had to do with her spelling her name correctly and not matching her birth certificate's name or something to that effect). All of these nurses started classroom orientation for one week. However, because of the delay in processing the hardcopy license per reciprocity, the one girl couldn't start floor orientation as an RN due to liability issues without a state license. Hence, she chose to work as a Nursing Assistant (and got paid as an NA) in order to get some kind of salary while she waited for the RN license.
  5. by   suzanne4
    Notice that the original post was from two years ago. That definitely no longer occurs, provided that the nurse has passed NCLEX.
  6. by   lcprnc
    Quote from suzanne4
    Notice that the original post was from two years ago. That definitely no longer occurs, provided that the nurse has passed NCLEX.

    Oops....Thanks for pointing the date out, Suzanne4! I'll pay more attention to the date next time. The thread caught my eye because I just got done providing nursing orientation to our foreign nurses who are new recruits. Should have been here two years ago. :8) LCPRNC
  7. by   shiina,RN
    I'm a filipino RN, there's nothing wrong to work as a nursing aide.There's always a reason why being an RN in the Phil. one is working as an aide in the US, one might be still waiting for her NCLEX result, or whatever.The work is also a part of nursing,pay of course is different.
    Anyway,i hope everyone will treat the job as an aide with dignity, and pride.I finished 2-year nursing aide, before getting my BSN.The more i have in depth knowledge and feel being in a nursing field, more so working as an aide in a bedside world of patients.
  8. by   suzanne4
    The issue is getting paid $7 for working as a CNA when you were being brought over to work as an RN. There are some agencies that are not submitting documents to the state until the nurse actually comes to the US, and keeps them working as a CNA for as long as possible, and even after they pass the NCLEX exam.

    This is what the currect issue is, not working as a CNA but being lied to by agencies.
  9. by   Gompers
    Quote from emily_mom
    I have a friend from Germany who is an RN there, but is only allowed to practice as an aide here. Kind of makes me wonder....
    If she hasn't taken the N-CLEX, she cannot work as an RN in the USA.

    But the Filipino nurses coming to work here have passed the N-CLEX so they are allowed to work as nurses.
  10. by   CHATSDALE
    a long time ago when there was a considerable lapse of time between taking test and getting results some of the nurses worked as r n applicants and were paid like beginning nurses..if they failed the first test they were required to work as cnas to maintain employment but they were paid at the orginal rate...head nurse was presented with a budget in which she had to pay a cna as much as the nurse..not a happy camper
    if the nurse failed the second go around she went to a cna salary,,your heart has to ache for someone who has worked so hard and can't get a license
  11. by   Interstate5
    If you pass the state board exam then you are NURSE.Some nurses work as nurses aid because they did not pass the state board.