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  1. Hi. I am a recent graduate from a nursing school in California. I am holding a student visa and therefore had only been able to work on campus. Now that I am about to take my NCLEX (and hopefully get the results soon), I was wondering if it is possible to work at a flu clinic, home health care or anything temporary? I do have an SSN but I am not sure if I can do that although it is directly related to my major/course. I am planning to go back to school to further my studies (in the spring) but I do want to get some experience somewhere while waiting to do so. Anybody has any advice or know any place i can work/?
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Do you have a RN license? If not then working in Flu clinic home health may be an issue unless it is as a care worker. Also be aware that F1 status needs to be maintained and there may be a restriction on how many hours you can work
  4. by   cnacnac126
    hi Silverdragon102,
    so I just want to be clear-once I get my license I can work at a flu clinic although I am on F1 visa?? And yes, I will be going to school in the fall (to maintain my visa status and all that) while trying to work/get experience somewhere/anywhere.
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    May need to check with your international student advisor but I think although not 100% sure that as long as you have permission to work and have a up to date license then you can work as long as you maintain hours that is required for F1 visa.

    Looked at US gov website and all seem to indicate discuss with your advisor
  6. by   cnacnac126
    thank you!!
  7. by   sasi
    Cnacnac, you can work full-time under OPT (optional practical training) for up to 12 months and then resume going to school. You apply for a work authorization (immmigration form I-765). It should not take more than 90 days, you should have actually done that before even graduating (most friends sent theirs around february for graduation in mi-May). You will still be under the F-1 status and the only new thing will be an updated I-20. Make sure to go on the uscis.gov website for updates. It is so very important to keep aware of current issues regarding immigration especially because 1) you're not in ur country (at least im not) and anything can happen 2) immigration laws change so quickly... for the good or the not so good... hope it helps!
  8. by   ghillbert
    As per the above, you need to get OPT and work authorization. If you do not have this, you CANNOT work in any type of clinic off-campus on an F1 visa (without USCIS permission).

    You cannot even VOLUNTEER in any job in which someone usually gets paid. eg. you can't just work for free as a nurse because that's a job that is usually paid.
  9. by   Felin
    I am also in student visa status and I have doubts on specialization and getting work visa. I am a B.S.N and I don't have any experience. I am doing M.S in Health Science with Health Care Management as the major . Can I apply for
    OPT with this course and get experience. I need help..
  10. by   ghillbert
    Ask the international student office at your school.
  11. by   yuchihchih
    I think you can work under CPT in stead of OPT. If you use you OPT now, then you won't have OPT after you graduate. Under CPT, you can work part-time. Anyways, check with your international student advisor.