Ex Visas Finally Received

  1. finally we got visas early this morning!.. wheww! after 5 days of hearthrobbing wait from sms courier and embassy's decision. thanks to my very quick & supportive employer and agency (we worked jointly) who contacted consulate and took immediate action regarding my unconditional job offer, faxed it to us embassy & finally done within 5 days... it took us a total of 16 months processing from my pd!

    to give you my time line:

    feb 2005 -nclex taken in london
    jun 2005 -ielts taken

    jul 2005 -i-140 started calif service center (p.d.)
    jan 2006 -i-140 transfered to tx due to backlog
    apr 2006 -i-140 approved (sooo long wait)
    jun 2006 -fees paid, ds230-1 & forwarded to nvc
    jul 28 -nvc received our docs, fees, etc
    aug 23 -nvc approved / documentarily qualified
    aug 29 -nvc forwarded to us consulate
    oct 19 -received pkt-4
    oct 25 -medicals done w/ family
    nov 24 -interviewed in london w/ family, x-ray given
    nov 29 -all ex visas received w/ a sealed envelop

    i am so happy to say that i was one of the lucky nurses who got a share of the last slices of the remaining 50k sched a visas... million thanks for this forum and members, i've learned a lot... those who are still waiting on the process, bear in mind us badly needs nurses, i only feel that visa nos will be available sooner or later but not so long.

    "the joyful heart is good medicine"... "faith is to be sure of the things we hoped for". :roll
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    really pleased for you, good luck on your move
  4. by   english_nurse
    congratulations and good luck to you all
  5. by   LeeTendayi
    Congrads and all the best on your move.
  6. by   RGN1
    Congratulations & all the best!! be sure & keep us up to date on how things are going for you!! It'll be a real help to those uf us left behind still waiting!!