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Do I get a copy of my CVS report? I read at my cgfns account correspondence that they mailed the report to new york. Does this mean that I need to send my application to NY now? I havent applied... Read More

  1. by   suzanne4
    No problem.:spin:

    Just always start to question when it is not the actual person that the info is for.
  2. by   K-Ann
    I emailed CGFNS about my incomplete report and they sent me this auto-answer message:
    "Thank you for your inquiry. Please be advised that your file is currently undergoing a final review and upon completion of this review if all of your requirements have met our approval your report will be issued"

    Undergoing a final review??? What was the letter i received saying that they already sent the incomplete report to NY BON for?? :angryfire

    I never had problems with CGFNS before, my cgfns certification and visa screen went without a hitch.
  3. by   pillilialuis9652
    i too am having my cvs report issued i really don't know why do they also issued an incomplete report will the bon review my report even if it is incomplete?can i still take the nclex?
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    The BON will review the report and if not meeting their requirements then they will not give permission to sit the exam